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Gift delivery in Budapest - Gift delivery in Hungary

Sending gifts, hampers and flowers to Budapest and all over Hungary

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The giftsending service has been delivering gift boxes as an online gift delivery service since 2018. Based on the experience of the first few years, we have now managed to map and understand almost every demand according to gift sending. We are still learning and trying to improve our service, and we are proud that more than 700 of our customers have rated our gift boxes with 5 stars.

Ordering gift baskets online is a world-shaking event that really spread during the pandemic. The majority of people understood then: just as working from home is not an impossible task, we can easily get surprises from a distance. Neither an epidemic, nor a curfew, nor the distance itself can prevent us from this.

Gift boxes for various occasions

Gift boxes can be sent for many occasions, such as Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Easter, Children's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Name day, wedding, as a welcome gift to parents, and dozens of other important days. But our experience is that two Holidays stand out among the occasions: one is the sending of Mother's Day gift boxes, the other is the sending of Christmas gift boxes - this clearly shows that Hungarian society puts mothers and family above all else.



1. Sending gifts to individuals and companies

It is clear that if someone is currently studying abroad and wants to surprise his parents for, say, their wedding anniversary, how much easier it is to be able to do this from the other side of the world with the help of a mobile phone and internet connection.

However, we do not only want to surprise family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances. The more attentive companies are well aware that with the corporate gift boxes given at the year-end celebration, they not only create a good atmosphere, but also know that satisfied colleagues will be much more efficient in the following year. We offer volume discounts for larger orders, contact us for details!

2. Loyalty points, coupons

We reward the loyalty of our registered, returning customers with points that can be used for the next purchase for 1 year. Our customers are also better off with coupons that entitle them to occasional discounts, which they can validate at the checkout.

3. Unique gift boxes and gift search button

We have created our product range so that women and men of all ages can find the ideal gift box or gift basket for every occasion. However, based on the feedback of our customers, we have understood that there are cases when it is not the pre-made, but individual compositions that will be successful. On this page, anyone can create their own perfect gift, from the packaging to the contents, through the accessories to unique messages and attached photos.

And our gift search tool helps in quick selection for those who want to quickly get to the ideal gift hamper suggestions, so that they can then easily choose the best option.

4. Delivery and warranty

In our gift-sending webshop, you can pay the courier by bank card, bank transfer, PayPal or even cash on delivery - in HUF or Euros. In addition to our gift boxes and gift baskets, we also deliver our flower bouquets quickly, even within 24 hours, nationwide, to all settlements, with a satisfaction guarantee.

Distance is not an obstacle, we will deliver your gift! :)

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