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The secret of graduation bouquets

Kovács Viktor
03/06/2024 01:02:05 PM
The secret of graduation bouquets

The graduation bouquet is a one-time and unrepeatable gift, so the choice is not easy. Fortunately, there are handholds on which we can make decisions.

There is also a wide selection of graduation bouquets, usually so much so that you can easily scratch your head as to which one to choose for the celebrant. It is also complicated by the fact that the graduation bouquet is for life, you only get it once. It is no coincidence that these are often dried out and do not end up in the bin after losing their freshness. Many people put them away for a lifetime so that they can always remember the good times when they look at them.

What bouquet should we choose for graduation?

Since there is also a wide selection of graduation bouquets and different types of flowers in general, it is worth considering a few aspects before making a decision. Aesthetics and personal taste are important, but other factors can also be emphasized.

If you want a bouquet in a classic style, then roses, lilies and gerberas are the official varieties, which are given according to tradition. All these in a symmetrical arrangement. In contrast, a more modern bouquet is characterized by asymmetry, and the flowers are usually orchids, calla lilies, hydrangea and other exotic varieties. Another trend is the bouquet made of sunflowers.

Bouquets made of wild flowers are also referred to as retro. They are mainly given to girls and give off a real rural atmosphere. In addition, of course, we can also give a bouquet that consists of the celebrated's favorite varieties. And if someone pays close attention to details, they can still put together a flower arrangement that includes the school's colors.

                                                                      graduation bouquets

Is a graduation bouquet suitable for both girls and boys?

Many people wonder whether it is appropriate to give flowers to boys at graduation. Well, this event is when by all means. Graduation bouquets can be given to girls and boys in the same way, but boys can be more symbolic. A smaller bouquet supplemented with other graduation gifts, such as a bottle of drink, can be a great gift for any graduate, but today there is also a specifically alcoholic graduation bouquet on offer.

Buy or order the graduation bouquet

In addition to choosing the flower, it is also not easy to decide whether to buy it personally or to order the flower instead. Each has its advantages and, of course, its disadvantages. If we choose flowers ourselves, we can be sure that they will be 100% what we want. Another question is how long we have to stand in line and whether we will even make it to graduation. Traveling far away and shopping in an unknown place is not necessarily beneficial.

Many people shy away from ordering, even though the service is now reliable. If we cannot attend the ceremony in person, then it is the best possible solution. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you order the bouquet in time, so that it arrives as big as you want, that is, preferably on the day of the graduation.  Of course, we can also hide a personal message for the person celebrating in the bouquet.

New trends in the world of graduation bouquets

Today, it's not just a classic bouquet of flowers for the graduation party, whether it's a boy or a girl. In our world overflowing with information, we love every new trend, trying new things that make an impact everywhere, including in gift giving. It is customary to give a bouquet supplemented with an alcoholic drink to boys, while a chocolate bouquet for graduation is a great idea for girls, such as the White Lily with Milka.

Of course, it is appropriate to treat a close relative or friend not only with flowers, but also with some sort of graduation gift. This can be anything from a very small, symbolic surprise to a very valuable gift, depending on the relationship we have with the prom. What is important is that the celebration does not include gift-giving, as it is not every day that one graduates from school.

                                                               Chocolate bouquet for graduation

Graduation bouquet for teachers

Graduation is, of course, first and foremost about the graduating students, but we must not forget that teachers were also needed to get the young people to the big day. In addition, normally with a properly palerated mind. A graduation bouquet for the class teacher or important teachers is definitely a suitable gift for the years spent together. This is usually bought by students, but if they forget about it, parents can also intervene.

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