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The secret of the Easter gift basket, past and present

Kovács Viktor
11/03/2023 03:16:26 PM
The secret of the Easter gift basket, past and present

Order an Easter gift basket - and celebrate spring, rebirth and future abundance!

Due to its duality, Easter is perhaps our most interesting holiday. On the one hand, it is the most important holiday of Christianity, when believers welcome the death and resurrection of Jesus. On the other hand, it is also a folk holiday, when everyone proclaims spring and rebirth.

It follows from the above that, on the one hand, it is extremely mystical and intimate, and on the other hand, it is liberatingly joyful when, after the fasting period, the celebration takes the main role. In addition to various Easter delicacies such as eggs and ham, drinks are also available at this time, and relatives and friends visit each other.

Nowadays, however, it is not uncommon that if the personal visit is missed for some reason, an Easter gift basket arrives instead. And what else could characterize such a gift basket other than abundance. Easter itself, as a national holiday, is partly about abundance. At this time, we also hope that the harvest will be rich and we can have a meal in peace, since there will be no shortage of food this year.

                                                         Húsvéti ajándékkosár


Let's look at the bottom of the basket

The Easter gift basket is not a recent invention, people only gave it to each other in person in the past. Many folk customs are connected to this holiday. Today, perhaps only the sprinkling is left, but this was also the case with the consecration of the bark, the taking out and the giving of gifts to each other.

After Lent, the goodies finally came out of the pantry, and in many places the first pig slaughters were held. Locals often put together a small Easter gift basket from the delicacies and took it to a good neighbor. This was partly about strengthening friendship, but on the other hand, it also had a message that I can count on you this year too, if I need help.


An abundance package for Easter sprinkeling

In the old days, as it is still customary in some places today, the sprinkler was given not only a simple, painted egg, but also an Easter gift basket. Of course, not just anyone, the lad who wandered in from the neighboring street certainly didn't get one, unless he was the chosen one of the bride's heart. After all, sprinkling was sometimes courtship at the same time.

However, if the young lady accepted the young man's approach, it had to be signaled somehow. The Easter gift basket was a premium-category tool for this, premium because it also meant that the family itself took the courtship as a good name. With this gift, they wanted to signal to the other family that they were not against the matter.

What was in this basket? At that time, chocolate was not fashionable, but  jam, or honey could easily be part of the holiday selection. Wine or pálinka were also popular choices in the gift, and in addition, cakes and other Easter delicacies played the main role. 

                                                       Húsvéti ajándékkosár családnak              



A gift basket for the bachelor, a gift basket for the family?

Nowadays, Easter has turned into a kind of family celebration, where not only the bachelors get a gift or a gift basket, but families also give gifts to each other. Easter has become the Christmas of spring, in many places a lot of attention is paid to putting together the basket.

And what do we recommend for such a gift basket? Gourmet delicacies and handicrafts continue to be of great interest, a bottle of nice red wine and chocolate are a nice addition to the basket.

If we have the whole family in mind, then the Gift Basket for the whole family, or one of the Easter Aboundance Basket compilations, can be an excellent choice. If you want to put together the basket yourself and the flavors are important, then I recommend you to choose the Custom compilation option, and under secton: Jams, honeys, gooseliver, you are guaranteed to find gourmet products that will impress your relatives or friends.

Get ready for Easter in time, order the Easter gift basket, and enjoy this beautiful holiday!

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