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The mysterious Easter Bunny

Kovács Viktor
21/03/2023 12:00:00 AM
The mysterious Easter Bunny
The Easter bunny is the main character of the holiday, but do you know everything about him?

Sometimes it is better not to put things off any longer and face the unknown. Why do rabbits lay eggs? Where are blood rabbits from? Why do these phantom animals have a secret alliance? And hey, what's beyond the rabbit? And finally, what kind of Easter gifts await you on the website.

At Easter, everything is about the rabbit, and it can seem a little complicated, what do religion, spring and sprinkeling have to do with the rabbit. South Park conspiracy theories aside, rabbits don't rule our civilization, in fact, there are no blood rabbits either, they just have good symbolism.

First of all, the Easter Bunny predates Christianity. Even in ancient times, the animal was considered a harbinger of spring, and at the same time it was also a symbol of fertility. The reason is simple, since it was the most prolific farm animal near humans.

The relationship between Christianity and the rabbit can be explained in a more complicated way, but at the same time we find many interpretations. One of the most convincing is that, according to a popular belief, hares can become pregnant even as virgins, which fitted perfectly into the cult of Mary. It soon spread throughout Europe

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Companions of the Easter Bunny

The two constant companions of the Easter Bunny are the egg and the lamb. The pagan goddess Ostra, who was the god of renewal and spring in Germanic mythology, had a bird that laid colorful eggs. However, in the spring, he turned into a bunny and carried these trinkets around. Véli is one of the legends.

According to another legend, the goddess Ostra was also able to save a wounded bird only by turning it into a bunny, who in spring presents eggs to the deserving in gratitude. According to yet another somewhat convoluted belief, the Phoenix bird was reborn as a bunny, but retained its ability to lay eggs.

Either way, it's still a living tradition in southern Germany that adults hide eggs in the grass and children have to find them in exchange for gifts.

The symbol of the Easter lamb is much simpler and deeply Christian. In its symbolism, the duality of innocence and sacrifice meet, that is, that Jesus sacrificed himself for people. Its older origins can even be linked to Jewish mysticism. During the exile and escape from Egypt, the Jews were able to survive because they marked their homes with lamb's blood.

The Easter Bunny these days

The origin of the Easter bunny is being questioned by fewer and fewer people, today it has been tamed into a lovely animal, which children enjoy the most, whether they receive it in chocolate or real form. Be careful when purchasing a live animal, as you must not forget that you also need to take care of this lovely animal. In addition to joy, we are also responsible for it.

On, you will mostly come across Easter bunnies made of chocolate. However, with these in all kinds of forms and quantities, and of course, accessories should not be forgotten. An Easter gift basket or gift package hides a lot of gastronomic delicacies and specialties in addition to the chocolate bunny. As an accessory, you can also add a ceramic Easter bunny to the individually assembled package.

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