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Gift affiliate program

Mézes Bernadett
06/10/2023 10:14:23 AM
Gift affiliate program

Earn money on your blog or website with the affiliate program of Meglepetésem - 10% commission for each gift package sold!

Dear Inquirer!

Welcome to the description page of our affiliate program. On this page, we show you why it can be beneficial for you to help promote the products on the  site of Meglepetesem in your social circle. By presenting our company and the details of our affiliate program, we would like to provide a clearer picture of our activities and our offer. as a gift package sending service has been delivering gift packages as an online gift delivery service since 2018. Based on the experience of the first few years, we have now managed to map and understand almost every gift need. Although we are still learning and trying to improve our service, we are proud that more than 700 of our customers have rated our gift packages with 5 stars.

Ordering gift packages online is a world-shaking event that really spread during the pandemic. The majority of people understood then: just as working from home is not an impossible task, we can easily get surprises from a distance. Neither an epidemic, nor a curfew, nor the distance itself can prevent us from this.

Gift packages for various occasions

Gift packages can be sent for many occasions, such as Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Easter, Children's Day, Father's Day, birthday, name day, wedding, as a welcome to parents, and dozens of other important days. But our experience is that 2 holidays stand out among the occasions: one is the sending of Mother's Day gift packages, the other is the sending of Christmas gift packages - this clearly shows that Hungarian society puts mothers and family above all else.

Main information about the affiliate activity of Meglepetésem.

To whom and which websites should I recommend the services of Meglepetésem?

Promoting the services of Meglepetésem can be an excellent opportunity for the following types of websites:

  • Websites offering holiday gifts: websites that offer gift ideas, gift packages or gift baskets for various holidays and occasions.

  • Wedding-themed websites: in addition to wedding planning and dress selection, they also provide support to the wedding party, helping them choose and recommend gifts.

  • Baby-mama themed websites: websites offering gift ideas for babies and toddlers, baby care products or content related to motherhood.
  • Wine, drinks and gastronomy websites: websites dealing with wines, drinks, chocolates, coffee, tea and other gastronomic products, which also offer gift ideas.
  • Interesting Unique Gift Websites: Websites that showcase creative and unique ways to give gifts, including handmade products or personalized gift ideas.
  • Women's or Men's Interest Sites: Sites that offer gift ideas and products specifically for women or men.
  • Fashion and style websites: sites dealing with fashion, beauty and style tips, where gifts and unique accessories also play a prominent role.

These themes and websites can be ideal for promoting Meglepetesem services as they can help customers find gifts and surprises for different occasions, holidays or life events.

Why is this affiliate cooperation with Meglepetesem good?

We know how important it is for you to offer your audience truly valuable products and high-quality services, and to maintain the trust and credibility they expect from you. We can assure you that your interested parties will not be disappointed with us.

Affiliate commission rate

Meglepetesem offers a 10% affiliate commission for each gift package, gift basket and flower bouquet sold. This means that if, for example, a purchase is made from your affiliate link, and one of your visitors surprises a family member with a Gold gift basket worth HUF 47,290, we will credit you HUF 4,729 as a commission.

gift box sending

How can you apply for our Affiliate program?

Contact Dognet, who is responsible for running our program. Ask them for suggestions on current topics or contact us directly to find out what information you need to create your content.
You can also contact us with questions about the Affiliate program here:

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us and we will be happy to help. team


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