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Brave Man Gift Set

Kiegészítők gomb



Kiegészítő termékek

38.59€ (30.39€ + VAT)

Gift package contents:

Chili sauce 100ml

Grill sauce 375g

Farmer's raw honey 250g

Tea for brave men 80g

Gift box with bow

Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: November 30, 2021
Shipping fee: 4.05€

30.000 Ft szállítás

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Chilis ajándékcsomag Spicy chili oil
Fűszerpaprika ajándékcsomag Premium Hot Paprika Powder


Sending a gift package to men
Chili Sauce: A specialty made from Rekorder chili seasoned with onions.

Grill sauce: Smoky brown grill sauce from succulent Hungarian vegetables. Recommended for roasts or burgers.

Farmer's raw honey: The taste is slightly bitter from the usual honey, and it has a special flavor. Due to its many beneficial effects, it is considered a folk miracle cure.

Tea for brave men: Ingredients: black tea, roasted buckwheat, roasted almonds (almonds, sugar, cinnamon, vanillin).

Gift box: The products are aesthetically placed in decorative straw so when the gift box is unfolded, the gift package inside it will give a stunning look.

Striking flavors and great domestic products make up this masculine gift package. Special chili sauce, black tea, homemade barbecue sauce and an unusual chestnut honey. When sending a gift, write us a personal message which we will write by hand on the greeting card and place in the gift package next to the handicrafted products. Fast delivery The gift package will be delivered to the celebrant within 1-2 working days.