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Gift Box for Teachers' day and Graduation Ceremony

Graduation gifts and gift packages for graduation and teacher's day. You can even put together a unique gift package. At the end of the order, you can specify the delivery date.

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Graduation gift

School graduation and, over time, the related graduation gifts have serious traditions in Hungary. Its history goes back to the 19th century, when the students of Selmecbánya were farewelled with the song "Ballag már a vén diák...". Over time, saying goodbye to graduates became a kind of holiday, and this custom spread throughout the country.

At the beginning of the 20th century, it became common practice for high school students to visit their teachers' residences on the day before graduation, and serenade them there. Cookies, wine, salt and change were put in the bag as graduation gifts. The absent students often received a photo of the school, their classmates and teachers.

Nowadays, graduations are not only held in primary and secondary schools, but in many places they also hold kindergarten graduations.

Graduation gift for students

When students leave elementary school, a new chapter in their lives begins. They enter a new environment and face new challenges. Young people are faced with a similar life stage change when they finish their high school studies or when they graduate.

Their parents and family members greet them with graduation bouquets. Usually, the official school celebration is followed by a family gathering, where the younger and older relatives are present, and possibly some more distant relatives as well.

At every graduation, it is customary to present some kind of gift to the student who has reached a major milestone. For elementary school students, it might be a good idea to buy a graduation gift package of sweets. And a bouquet of flowers studded with a bar of chocolate is the perfect graduation gift for girls.

On the occasion of the secondary school graduation and the graduation ceremony, the graduates are usually of legal age. In such cases, you can also think about gift packages containing alcoholic beverages, such as a graduation gift box containing champagne.

Graduation gift for teachers

While a child is growing up, he spends a lot of time in kindergarten, later in school or university. Teachers spend a lot of time raising and educating the children entrusted to them. That is why it is a nice gesture to present nannies, kindergarten teachers, educators and teachers with a special gift package. There are also separate gift packages for teachers.

The diploma supervisor and the tutor should not be left out of the list of recipients. It is even possible to put together a unique gift package for them, which can include sweets, teas, coffees, jams, honeys, sauces, spices and drinks, among others.

How to order gifts?

It is advisable to order the graduation gifts that can be purchased from us to the address of the person who will give the gift. It is not worth ordering anything to the address of the kindergarten or school, since the institutions do not have the possibility to mail the packages. 

It's a little different if the graduation gift is sent to a teacher. In the case of a package intended for teachers, it is possible to order the package either in advance or afterwards to the address of the person you wish to gift.

Among the delivery options is the possibility of personal collection, and you can also order the gift at a package point. Express delivery within Budapest is also possible for a small surcharge, within the framework of which orders placed before noon will be delivered the same day.

When will graduation take place?

Primary school graduations are not held on the same day either. In some schools, this will take place on the last day of school, this year on Friday, June 21, 2024, but there are also educational institutions where the eighth grade graduation is held a week earlier. Some schools have scheduled graduation for the first weekend after the school year. The exact time of the end of the school year and graduation is decided based on the schedule of the school year announced by the school in question.

High school graduations are usually taken much earlier. This year, they were held on Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4.

Kindergarten graduation usually takes place at the end of May or the first half of June, this varies from institution to institution.

We wish the graduating children and young people to find their calculations in the new life situation and successfully overcome the obstacles in front of them, whether it is fitting into a new school or starting life with a capital letter.

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