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Order individual Father's Day gift packages - choose photo printing and a greeting card! At the end of the order, you can specify the delivery date. Father's Day in 2024 will be celebrated on June 16!

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Mother's Day has been celebrated in Hungary since 1925, but Father's Day gift sending and celebration only became a tradition here in 1994. When and how do we celebrate? 

When is Father's Day? 

Father's Day is celebrated on different days and in different ways around the world - basically, there are as many countries, as many dates and customs. The high average was in June, including the third Sunday in June, and like Mother's Day, it is not considered a public holiday most of the time, which is simply due to the Sunday timing.


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Father's Day is also celebrated in Hungary on the third Sunday of June, as are more than thirty other nations. In 2024, Father's Day will be on June 16. In other countries, such as Australia, the date falls on the first Sunday of September, in Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden it falls on the second Sunday of November, in Romania it falls on the second Sunday of May, and in Russia it falls on the third Sunday of October. 

Only a few countries have a fixed date for this holiday. In some countries, following Catholic traditions, this holiday is linked to St. Joseph's Day, for example, in Bolivia, Croatia, Portugal, Italy and Spain, Father's Day is celebrated on March 19. But they also celebrate on a fixed day in Denmark on June 5 and in Poland on June 23. Belgium is a cuckoo's egg from this point of view, because it is celebrated either on the second Sunday of June or fixed on June 14, but Antwerp, unlike this, on March 19. 

The significance of this holiday varies greatly from country to country, but perhaps the United States has the strongest tradition, which is where Father's Day originates. A Civil War veteran father, William Jackson Smart raised his nine children alone. One of her daughters wanted to commemorate this, somewhat inspired by the first American Mother's Day celebration. Here, where the holiday has its roots, Father's Day has become almost a national holiday over time. At family commemorations, stories about famous father figures in the family come to the fore, and Father's Day celebrations are held in schools, combined with gift-giving.

It is also considered an important holiday in Germany, here it is connected with Maundy Thursday (the day of the Ascension), which always falls on the 40th day after Easter, so it is a moving holiday. However, Father's Day does not only have a ecclesiastical foundation. In many places, this day is also celebrated as Herrentag, Gentleman's Day, when young and mature men set off in a carriage called a Bollerwagen to hold a walking tour. The cart is filled with all kinds of delicious food and drink, and many German men simply use this day to pour themselves down the throat.  

Why is Father's Day important?

 Father's Day is not just an opportunity to give gifts. This day highlights the importance of fathers in the family and society, and reminds us how important it is for them to be appreciated and recognized. The role of fathers is multifaceted and indispensable. They are the ones who ensure the physical and emotional safety of the family, teach the children how to deal with challenges and serve as role models for them in everyday life.

In the 21st century, the role of fathers has changed significantly. Modern fathers no longer only ensure the financial well-being of the family, but are also active participants in the upbringing of children. At the same time, the biggest challenge for a father is to find a balance between work and family life. How can you balance career and family life? How can you meet all modern expectations? 

The image of the ideal father has changed a lot over time and continues to evolve in today's society. The ideal father is not necessarily the one who does everything perfectly, but the one who is present, supports and gives love.

Father's Day gifts

Celebrating Father's Day can take different forms, from simple gestures to bigger surprises. It can be a nice message, a joint program, or a carefully selected Father's Day gift.

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When it comes to giving gifts, it is worth considering the father's current life situation. A new father may need rest and relaxation the most, and a father with many children may be happy with a personalized gift in which each of his children appears, for example in the form of photos or messages. If you are at a loss as to what to get for Father's Day, try to start from the hobbies and interests of the father you want to give a gift.

Although common gifts such as ties, socks, mugs, and key chains can be easily accessible and practical, they should be avoided. These gifts often don't reflect dad's individual traits or interests. Instead, choose something more creative and personal. Many people choose tools or technical products as Father's Day gifts, but gourmet gift packages are also increasingly popular.

In addition to our Father's Day gift ideas, you can even put together a unique Father's Day gift package based on your idea. So you can send a very special gift for this occasion, even with your own photo and postcard, with your own message. If you have never greeted your father in this way on this holiday, try it for the first time, in a modern and inventive style, by sending a Father's Day gift. The gift will be delivered to your home on the day of your choice, so you just have to wait for the phone call to find out how much of a surprise it was.

Another important aspect for Father's Day gift-giving: how do you know who is giving gifts to whom? If the question is who we give gifts to, then it is almost self-evident that the fathers - but don't forget, in many places, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and even godfathers are thanked at this time. Respect is due not only to fathers, but also to foster fathers and stepfathers, if they have served. 

In Hungary, the family traditionally honors the head of the family on this day, but it is an increasingly common case that fathers are also remembered in groups of friends, especially those who will soon face the joys of fatherhood. New fathers are also welcomed at workplaces - and while we're at it, let's not forget that in 2023, fathers were favored on several points in the Labor Code, e.g. the 5-day paternity leave was increased to 10 days. Fathers can enjoy another discount, parental leave, for up to 44 days.  

Closing Father's Day Thoughts 

Father's Day is an important occasion to celebrate our fathers and fatherhood. It's not just about giving gifts, it's much more about appreciation and recognition.

It celebrates all forms of fatherhood, whether biological, adoptive, or foster fathers. It is important to apply these values ​​every day of the year, not just on Father's Day. 

Excellent, Happy Father's Day to all dads!


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