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Children's Day Gift Boxes

Choose photo printing, a greeting card with your own message and other accessories in addition to the gift box or gift basket to create a unique gift.​ You can specify the date of delivery when placing the order.
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Gifts for Children's Day

Gifts for Children's Day. Sweets and other delicacies. When you send a gift to a family, think about the children. Choose from our children's day gift ideas. You can complement any gift with a teddy bear.

Interesting facts about Children's Day

  • International Children's Day is always celebrated on the last Sunday of May in Hungary
  • the first children's day was celebrated in 1931, and then it was still called Children's Week, the event only later became a one-day holiday
  • most countries celebrate Children's Day on June 1st
  • in several places, e.g. In Japan, Children's Day is considered a public holiday
  • this day is dedicated to children's understanding of each other and their general well-being, but in many countries the emphasis is placed on children's health protection, their learning opportunities, and attention is drawn to the importance of fighting against the exploitation of children
  • Children's Day is traditionally a relaxed family program, many people go on excursions, visit local amusement parks, zoos, wildlife parks, and Children's Day programs organized by municipalities are also popular.

Tips for giving gifts on Children's Day

Children's day is about joint family programs, but many people also see it as a gift opportunity, when you can treat the little ones with big or small surprises
on Children's Day, of course, the main role goes to our own children, but at this time you can take the opportunity to bring joy to your grandchildren, godchildren, nephews and nieces as well
Meglepété gift packages can be ordered separately with a teddy bear, a photo and a unique message

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