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Mother's Day gift baskets

Mothers day gifts. We deliver in Budapest even on Mother's Day. Choose photo printing, greeting cards or put together a completely unique Mother’s Day gift basket. You can also place a pre-order.  In Budapest, we also deliver on Mother's Day on 7th of May.
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Online gift sending for Mother's Day

Our gift delivery service also delivers within Budapest on Mother's Day on Sunday. Nationally, on working days, even the next day. We also take pre-orders - make this day special by ordering a Mother's Day gift. Premium Mother's Day gifts for grandmothers and mothers. 

Mother's Day gift sending - 7 interesting things

  • Mother's Day is not a fixed holiday, in Hungary it always falls on the first Sunday of May. Plan the timing of your Mother's Day greeting accordingly!
  • It is better to bring flowers or a gift in person for Mother's Day - but if you cannot visit your mother or grandmother from abroad or from a long distance, then Meglepété will be the best choice!
  • Whether you order a gift for Mother's Day from abroad or domestically, you will pay the same shipping fee.
  • Whether you want to surprise your mother or grandmother from abroad or from home, we deliver in the same time. At the same time, it is worth placing your order on time, because we are very busy these days.
  • The employees of our company comply with the epidemiological recommendations and rules to the maximum, because the health of your relatives, friends, and family members is also important to us.
  • Mother's Day Historical Overview: It was already celebrated in ancient Greece as part of a spring celebration. Later, the day associated with the spirit of Easter also played an important role in the Christian world; servants working away from their families were given a day off to go home to their mothers on the 4th Sunday after Easter. And in America, at the end of the 19th century, mothers who lost their husbands and sons in the civil war were honored.
  • The most popular flowers for Mother's Day are: 1. rose, 2. tulip, 3. orchid, 4. chrysanthemum, 5. carnation
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