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Christmas gift packages

Choose photo printing, a greeting card with your own message and other accessories in addition to the gift box or gift basket to create a unique gift.​ You can specify the date of delivery when placing the order.
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Christmas specialties

What makes the Christmas gifts of My Surprise special? First of all, because of the high-quality, premium contents. This is primarily due to our excellent supplier partners, who individually produce their own products with very high expectations.

Therefore, essentially, all we have to do is assemble these excellent goods in the right way and shape them into exclusive Christmas packages. Year after year, we always try to come up with something new in accordance with the latest Christmas gift trends, for example in the form of a beautiful gourmet gift package, while also serving traditional holiday needs.

Once you have the concept of a Christmas gift package, the work is not over yet, as individual requests, personal messages, photos, or additional products can also come. The number of combinations is endless, which is why we enjoy this job!

Special packaging for exceptional content

After a package has become final, we use space-filling straws to ensure that the ingredients are not damaged during transport. Finally comes the painstakingly executed packaging. Anyone who thinks that this is an unimportant moment is very wrong: since the recipient is confronted with the packaging for the first time, the appearance of the gift is the foundation of the whole experience.

Itt sem törekedhetünk másra, csak a legmagasabb színvonalra és mutatós alapanyagokra, hogy a végeredmény minden esetben egy igazán különleges karácsonyi ajándékcsomag legyen!

Unique Christmas Gifts

Although we have a lot of experience in coming up with various Christmas gift packages, we know that many of our visitors also use their imagination. Nothing can hinder your creativity: simply choose our unique gift compilation interface.

Here you can add each piece to your own unique package. You define the products, you can combine Christmas gifts with other gifts suitable for all occasions. You can add accessories and the packaging is 100% your choice.

Give it a try, you'll see, the end result will be amazing!

A few more reasons why we are special

  • We guarantee delivery. In other words, if something goes wrong with your package during transport, we will replace or reimburse it.
  • We are fast. We deliver to the entire country, even within 1-2 days. Don't believe it? Test us!
  • You can request to send gifts from abroad to Hungary and from Hungary to foreign countries. In the first case, we also work at the same price as for sending gifts domestically.
  • You can also pay in euros. The basic currency is the forint, but you can change to euros at any time if that is more convenient for you.
  • You can pay in several ways. Bank card, PayPal, bank transfer, cash on delivery - these are all valid payment methods when finalizing your Christmas gift order.
So everything is given to make this year's Christmas gift special - Merry Christmas!
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