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Gifts delivery in Hungary for Valentine day

Valentine's day gifts.Choose photo printing, a greeting card with your own message and other accessories in addition to the gift box or gift basket to create a unique gift.​ You can specify the date of delivery when placing the order.

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Valentine's Day gift boxes in a gift box

Choose from our Valentine's Day gift boxes under HUF 15,000. All gift boxes are sent wrapped in a gift box. Order it for home delivery or choose to send it as a gift. Valentine's Day gift ideas? Take a look at our offer. Our gift delivery service delivers gift packages throughout Hungary and even abroad.

Valentine's Day gift boxes under HUF 15,000 - what should you pay attention to, what should be included?

Based on more than 4 years of experience, the following Valentine's Day products have been the most successful - if possible, make room for them in the love gift box.

  • A Valentine's Day postcard with a unique message: a simple but great trick! Add a unique message to the gift box on the occasion of Valentine's Day, and you will achieve twice as much impact with the power of personality and words of love. It works for both men and women!
  • Photo: a preferably set photo as an attachment also makes the gift box more personal, especially if you cannot be present. Whether it's a lady sending it to a man or a man sending it to a lady, it's a simple but effective move!
  • Valentine's Day gift box for men (under HUF 15,000): imagine what level you want to raise your relationship with your gift, and that determines the choice. Most men pretend that the gift doesn't matter, but in fact they are happy with any little thing if the intention is from the heart.
  • Valentine's Day gift box for women (under HUF 15,000): if it is a lady, then in addition to the above, a beautiful bouquet of flowers (which you can also order on the website) will be the basis. For ladies, in addition to intention, uniqueness and size are also important on this day, so when choosing or putting together a gift box, remember that there is no fairy tale, on this day you have to impress the one you love. If it's not unique, make it big! If it's not big, make it unique!
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