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115.26€ (90.76€ + VAT)
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Contents of gift basket:

Pistachio cream coffee 90g

Premium Belgian caramel salt chocolate buttons 100g

Dark chocolate blueberries 50g

Bock Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75l

Tokaji Aszú 3 puttonyos 0,5l

Cinnamon plum jam 120 ml

Handmade chocolate specialty 100g

Farmer's acacia honey with walnut 100g

Mango-pineapple jam 260g

Organic chocolate vanilla rooibos tea 40g

Crunchy peanuts in milk chocolate 90g

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Gift Basket For The Whole Family

115.26€ (90.76€ + VAT)
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Pistachio Cream Coffee: This coffee blend creates a wonderful harmony with the taste of the irresistible creamy pistachio.

Premium Belgian Caramel Salted Chocolate Lozenges: Blonde chocolate is an independent category among chocolates, and although a coincidence was born, the end result is a taste experience that is capable of captivating us. We also recommend its use for cookies, candies, hot and iced chocolate, toppings, chocolate fountains, as well as granola and muesli.

Dark chocolate blueberries: In a beautiful tulip decorative package. Chocolate coated, premium quality blueberries with 59% dark chocolate. With the inscription “With a lot of love”.

Bock Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75l

Tokaji Aszú 3 puttonyos: 2000 vintage, from Zoltán Tóth Winery. Tokaji Aszú is made according to a century-old recipe, aged in oak barrels. A special quality Hungarian dessert wine, which can stand its ground even without gastronomic addition.

Cinnamon plum jam: Plum jam with cinnamon is a divine combination and gingerbread spices are a heavenly combination. Our new jam is reminiscent of the winter holidays.

Handcrafted Milk Chocolate Specialty: Carefully hand-made and lyophilized chocolate sprinkled with chunks of fruit, not only eye-catching but also heavenly delicious.

Farmer's walnut acacia honey: A really special and good pairing is the combination of walnuts and honey. For tea, hot drinks, pancakes, waffles or just for yourself, enjoy its sweet taste.

Mango-pineapple jam: We have conjured exotic flavors of mango pineapple in this jam. You can now taste the gorgeous combination of ripe mango and pineapple.

Organic chocolate vanilla rooibos tea: English tea, rooibos, chocolate pieces, vanilla sticks, natural chocolate and vanilla flavoring, made from quality ingredients sourced directly from producers from controlled organic farming.

Crunchy peanuts in milk chocolate 

Gift basket: Wrap the basket with strong cellophane and decorate with a bow.


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Céges rendezvényre vettük a kosarakat, nagy sikert aratott. Kiváló termékek, jó ár-értékben és szép csomagolásban.
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