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Gift basket order, old riders, new style

Gift basket order, old riders, new style

What types of gift baskets can you order?
Different styles of gift basket ordering have evolved over time and as landscapes have their own characteristics. It's a bit like gastronomy, in Baja they put pasta in the fish soup, and in Szeged they can't even imagine it. The customs are different, so the gift packages are also varied, especially as far as the outer rails are concerned.

Ajándékkosár küldés

Folk motifs typically appear everywhere, the sending of gifts in Debrecen is different than in Miskolc or Pécs. In the Hortobágy agglomaretion, for example, equestrian motifs are popular, which is understandable, as the main features of the region is characterized by equestrian history. In Pécs, the flower pattern dominates, and in Miskolc, the overgrown colors are typical. The order of the gift basket is also varied in terms of size, in Transdanubia, for example, smaller gift baskets are typical, while in the Great Plain the larger ones are favored. However, gift baskets are diverse not only horizontally but also vertically and this is a bit of a delicate issue. Sure, it’s no coincidence to say that tastes and slaps, but the huge cellophane cover and thick, flashy bow typical of the eighties was really a net extension of the unpretentiousness. Fortunately, such excesses have long since gone out of fashion and we are living in a much clearer era of gift basket ordering. Today it is finer if you like the more minimalist solutions of the features.

The big twist: gift boxes instead of gift baskets?
The term gift basket order is a bit deceptive, as many people refer to it to this day, even though baskets have long been replaced by elegant gift boxes, gift boxes, and even gift baskets. Nowadays, the basket is more prevalent in the case of flower delivery, but even there it is getting more and more in the background. Here, too, some regional differences can be observed, for the first time the baskets disappeared in the capital and the gift boxes that can be ordered in different styles took their place, compared to this, the basket version of gift sending in Debrecen lasted for a long time. It may be because basket weaving itself has a significant tradition in the city, but you can’t know for sure. In any case, ordering a gift basket is now more of a phrase, although the service still exists sporadically, its market share is negligible compared to sending a gift package. Understandably, the gift box is more tasteful and certainly more cost-effective in many ways.

Eternal favorites in the field of gifts arranged in the basket
There is also a varied picture in terms of content. There are two classic contestants in the history of ordering a gift basket, one is red pepper and the other is brandy. Both products are hungaricum, so it’s easy to see why they don’t go out of style. Of course, don't even go, as we are talking about excellent gastronomic specialties. If someone visits Hungary from abroad, they are sure to take a portion of tastings home from them. A gift basket with this combination is a perfect surprise and not just because of the two products mentioned, as everything else in the package is a premium category product, be it wine, honey or just chocolate. offers a rather wide selection in terms of both content and form, so everyone is sure to find the perfect gift package for them.

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