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Sending a gift to Hungary

Sending a gift to Hungary

Would you like to send a gift to Hungary? Order your surprise today and we will deliver your gift anywhere in the country, quickly and safely.

It has been a trend for decades now that we like to spend our summer vacation or winter vacation abroad. Our popular destinations include Croatia, Greece, Italy and Transylvania. But let’s travel anywhere in the world, sending gifts from abroad is child’s play, which can also come in handy if our vacation coincides with an event that’s important to us.

Many people think that sending a gift to Hungary is a maceric thing for some reason, although it doesn’t take more than two minutes, it takes about as long as we wait for our coffee in the morning, which we ordered at our accommodation after waking up. So sending international gifts is not a magic word thanks to the internet, you don’t have to queue at the post office, and you don’t even need our personal presence to choose a great gift package for a birthday, name day or just a wedding.

When should you choose to send gifts from abroad?

Anytime we are not at home, be it on vacation or just working abroad. delivers its gift packages all over the country, all at a unit price of only 1490 forints. Here we want to dispel one of the general misconceptions. There is no extra charge for someone ordering a gift package from abroad, as the delivery itself takes place within the country, thanks to the World Wide Web, placing an order from Mongolia costs exactly the same as from Sopron, if you happen to want to send a gift to the nearby city of Győr.

Pay attention to the dates

Of course, sending gifts from abroad to Hungary is possible at any time, however, there are frequent periods when it comes to delivery, when it is worth ordering our gift package a few days in advance. Such is the period of graduation and graduation, Easter, but above all Christmas. The latter is a particularly busy time, so if you want your gift to arrive on time for your loved ones, you may want to place your order 2-3 days in advance.

Post delivery or gift sending service

Of course, it can also be an option to buy the gifts abroad, which I then mail to an address in Hungary, but I have to admit - without any selfish criticism - that we can't make a worse decision. We'll show you why.

Expensive and macerate

On the one hand, mailing from abroad to Hungary is expensive (for example, from Germany it can cost 18-30 euros for a small box), not to mention that it can take weeks or even weeks for the service to be completed. Sending gifts from abroad by post is macerate, in addition, the institution is not responsible for the safe arrival of the sent package, unless we pay an additional surcharge for it. 

Quick and easy

If we happen to spend our holidays abroad, most of us want to relax and not go to the malls or local shops to put together a surprise gift package. In comparison, on the website of you can choose a selection of gifts in minutes, which were compiled by professional experts, the delivery costs in pennies, and the quality of the gifts and the packaging exceed all expectations. Read more about what we mean…

Elegantly safe

Ordering gifts online in Hungary is therefore infinitely simple, and they guarantee the delivery. If you visit the website of, you can see that the ordered selection of gifts is placed in gift boxes, which certainly do not grow in every bush. And the elegant and design packages will arrive at the specified address in perfect quality. Unfortunately, in the case of international gift sending, this service is by no means guaranteed, not to mention that it also depends on the area from which we want to send the sending.

And then we didn’t even talk about gifts

And we didn't even mention the gift set. At you can choose from plenty of gift packages and gift baskets, and you can even click on your own surprise. The products available are all premium in their own way, most of them handcrafted products, much of which cannot be accessed on the shelves of a supermarket, whether at home or abroad. On holidays or just if you are not working from home, international gifting is by far the best option. Instead of sending parcels by mail or other means from abroad, it is also faster, more convenient and safer to use the gift delivery service. Try it for yourself and visit!

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