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Mother's Day Gift: Who deserves the attention?

Kovács Viktor
21/04/2023 12:00:00 AM
Mother's Day Gift: Who deserves the attention?

There is only one mother, but you can treat everyone with a Mother's Day gift.

There are a few aspects that should be taken into account when choosing a gift. Because motherhood, although it seems like the most natural thing in the world, which was simply shaped this way by evolution, is still a huge undertaking, with a lot of sacrifices and many different emotions.

This is exactly why you need to pay attention to the details and avoid clichéd, meaningless gifts. A more modest but carefully crafted surprise, even handmade, is worth much more than an expensive but empty gift that reveals itself to be part of an obligatory gesture.

Below, I will list who you can surprise with a Mother's Day gift.

Expectant mothers

Special attention is given to mothers celebrating their first anniversary. Why? Just think about it, not long ago she was carrying her baby under her heart, and ideally for 9 months she was anxious to give birth in order, and who knows what kind of complications awaited her during childbirth. Not to mention the shared trials of the first days, weeks, and months: this is an extremely intense period when expectant mothers go through a lot of physical and mental changes in a short period of time. They have to meet many challenges, and they deserve a lot of extra attention - during everyday life and on this special occasion as well.

Mothers of many children

Mothers with many children should also receive special attention, since they do full-time what others only experience for a few years. Applause, nice words, encouragement, Mother's Day flowers and gifts, or some combination of these!

                                                           anyák napi virág    


Mothers in the changing age

It is not easy for mothers who have reached a changing age either. They have to fulfill the role dictated by their motherhood, they have to support their seedling or their seedling, they have the lofty task of keeping the family together, and they are also part of another physical and mental transformation. Let's think about them, care for them, express our appreciation and love.

Grandmothers, great-grandmothers

Grandmothers and great-grandmothers: well, they already "perform" on another level, and they have a great responsibility for raising and supporting their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It's natural that we think about them: whether we want to thank them for an afternoon of me-time, for serious educational foundations, or for the regular Sunday lunch. We put together a gift package for Grandma with lots of love.

Foster mothers, stepmothers, surrogate mothers

Foster mothers, stepmothers, surrogate mothers: not everyone is given the opportunity to be cared for and raised by a biological mother. There have always been, and always will be, special family situations, which is why we also celebrate foster mothers, stepmothers, surrogate mothers, and temporary mothers. They are the ones who perform the most beyond their strength, as they perform their role without any blood ties.


Godmothers: substitute mothers in addition to and instead of grandmothers. More than an aunt, and often a more confidential function than a boyfriend or girlfriend. True godmothers are always there at the right moment, where they are most needed. So let's appreciate them too, remember them every year.

                                                     anyák napi ajándékcsomag

Unmarried Mothers

Young moother: perhaps one of the greatest sacrifices is made by those who have barely grown out of childhood and still have children. They themselves suddenly become women from children, with all its magnificence, responsibilities and difficulties. History knows about many such stories, but nowadays they are less common due to more conscious family planning. Regardless, recognition is mandatory here as well. If they have just given birth, a baby shower package will be their practical Mother's Day surprise.

Mothers who are no longer with us

Mothers who live only in our memories: one of the most painful things is when our mother is no longer with us. We can no longer say nice words or thank you, they will no longer be happy with fragrant flowers, we cannot surprise them with a gift. And yet, we can also sacrifice to them if we think of them, if we remember them, if we recall beautiful memories. We can also make them alive, we can keep them alive that way.

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