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Mother's Day gift ideas: how should we greet our loved ones?

Kovács Viktor
10/04/2024 04:21:10 PM
Mother's Day gift ideas: how should we greet our loved ones?

On Mother's Day, it is obligatory to say thank you to mothers, and appropriate to thank grandmothers and godmothers. Question is what should be the surprise?

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Mother's Day became an international holiday in 1914 at the urging of an American woman, Anna Maria Jarvis. But it is certain that it was already celebrated in England in the 1600s, and it was probably even a holiday in ancient Greece. This also proves that it is our basic human urge to express our gratitude to our mother. Above all, for their caring love and raising us.

On Mother's Day, we primarily celebrate our own mothers, but it is also appropriate to thank grandmothers, godmothers and the mother of our own child. To everyone who is a mom and important to us. We show you a few Mother's Day gift ideas for whom it can be a real, joyful surprise.


A gift for mothers

It is definitely appropriate to choose a flower for our own mother, but the question is what, since the selection of flowers for Mother's Day is quite abundant. Of course, this depends on several things, on the one hand, how much money you want to spend on the surprise, and on the other hand, whether we know what our mother's favorite flower is. In any case, if someone is confused about the choice, it is worth trying something new, because the new is always a real surprise at the same time. The Amazon flower bouquet is sure to set everyone's heart racing, as it is not the classic flowers – roses, carnations, gerbera, etc. – contains, but evokes the atmosphere of spring meadows with a selection of wildflowers.


Grandmothers and great-grandmothers

Grandmother and great-grandmother are also mothers, just for a longer time. The older members of the family should not be forgotten on this beautiful day either, because if it weren't for them, we wouldn't be either. However, an arrangement of flowers is not necessarily the best gift for the elderly. It is well known that everyone gets a little sweet tooth as they get older, so when greeting grandparents, we can safely think about chocolate and other goodies. The Cherished moment gift selection contains all special delicacies. Chocolate spoons, artisanal white chocolate, artisanal strawberry milk chocolate are specialties, but there is even cinnamon plum jam in this lovely surprise package.

                                                    Gift ideas for Mother's Day

The mother of our children

According to an urban aphorism, a man truly loves two women in his life: the one who gave birth to him and the one who gave birth to him. Of course, this is not necessarily true, but the fact is that on Mother's Day it is appropriate to greet the lady who gave us a child. Your own child is the most precious gift in life, and the one who gave us a gift certainly deserves a gift on Mother's Day. In addition to the flower, we can easily complement this with something that shows our attention and how much we love our family. In this regard, for example, a family photo album can be a great surprise, as it testifies to our togetherness. Of course, we do not give the album empty, but filled with our favorite photos.



On Mother's Day, we must not forget about the godmothers. In general, for them, a smaller or larger bouquet of flowers, or perhaps a small attention, is usually the object of the gift. Of course, this also depends on the kind of relationship we have with the lady in question. In any case, we can't go far with a creative surprise. This can be an object or a piece of clothing that was specially made for godmothers. A godmother t-shirt, for example, is a particularly nice gift that a younger or older lady can wear at any time if she wants to show off her godchildren.


For a friend or relative

Nowadays, it is more and more fashionable to thank friends and relatives who are new mothers on Mother's Day. Giving life is the greatest joy and responsibility in the world, so this small consideration is very appropriate. In this case, if we do not belong to the closest circle of relatives, then we should not necessarily vote for the flower - the young mother will get it anyway - but think about something practical. A trendy yet very useful gift is the baby shower box, which contains, among other things, clothes, shoes, and pacifiers.


If you order flowers or a gift package for Mother's Day on, don't forget the deadlines:

  • Within Budapest, on Mother's Day, on Sunday, May 5, we also deliver all types of gifts, including flowers and balloons.
  • Outside of Budapest, gifts and balloons are only delivered on working days, but flowers can also be chosen nationwide on Sundays. (If you put anything other than the flower in the basket (except the greeting card), the system will not allow you to select Sunday)
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