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Gold Harmony Gift Box

Kiegészítők gomb



Kiegészítő termékek

28.53€ (22.46€ + VAT)

Contents of our gift package:

Blue Nun sparkling wine with 24 carat gold flakes 0.2l

Candle with a gift box 360g

Almond in gift box, coated with milk chocolate and cinnamon 90g

Gift box with bow

Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: November 30, 2021
Shipping fee: 4.05€

30.000 Ft szállítás

In Budapest your order will be delivered the next business day


We will send you the invoice via e-mail

The delivery day can be selected at the end of the order

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Blue Nun sparkling wine with 24 Carat Gold Flakes: A magical drink adorned with amazing 24 carat gold flakes.

Gift box candle: Elegant looking scented candle.

Gift box almonds: Chocolate coated, premium quality almonds with 79% milk chocolate, rolled in cinnamon powder. It will soon be anyone's favorite.

Gift box: The products are aesthetically placed in decorative straw so when the bowed gift box is unfolded, the gift package inside it will give a stunning look.