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The holiday of holidays: Mother's Day

Kovács Viktor
21/03/2023 02:01:14 PM
The holiday of holidays: Mother's Day
Mother's Day around the world: a holiday celebrated everywhere.

Today, we typically count a holiday from the point that it has already become legitimate. Approved by the UN, the European Parliament or a narrower community. This also applies to Mother's Day, in part. Yes, to the extent that the first Sunday of May, that is, the official greeting, has only existed in our country since 1925, thanks to Pálne Petri, who brought Mother's Day with her from America.

                                                         Anyák napi ajándékcsomag

However, not to the extent that even the people of old times remembered mothers and every ancient religion had a mother's holiday. Although it can be found in many places, the European tradition, like many other things, believes that the foreshadowing of today's Mother's Day can be found in ancient Greece.

The holiday is still strongly natural and intertwined with the anticipation of spring, i.e. birth and rebirth. At this time, the ancient Greeks paid tribute to the goddess Rhea, the mother of the gods. Of course, religious rites did not yet mean that there was a gift for Mother's Day, the emphasis was more on the ceremony.

It doesn't matter if it's autumn or spring

Although mothers are greeted in almost all countries of the world, there is no official date, as in the case of church holidays. May fits in many places, but somewhere the time falls not at the beginning of the month, but at the end of the month. In southern countries, it is often celebrated in summer, and in Russia, inexplicably, in November for some reason.

                                                         Anyák napi virág

Although who knows, it might not be so incomprehensible. After all, it is best to return home in an ice-cold zimanko and warm yourself by the warmth of the fireplace and, of course, mother's love. And when a person returns home, he brings a gift for Mother's Day and, of course, flowers for Mother's Day. On this day, the world's largest bouquets are prepared, but restaurants can also count on full reservations.

The gift is me

There is something special about Mother's Day that sets this holiday apart from all church and state holidays. And this is intimacy. There are no religious denominations, no saints, no founding of a state, no victorious freedom struggle, only unconditional love, which is surely our most important treasure.

It is a touching fact that in the 20th century, more than half of prison escape attempts took place around Mother's Day. The prodigal boys longed to go home. But it was also a gift for Mother's Day when II. During World War II, the guns fell silent on the second Sunday of May, because that's when the Germans celebrate this day.

No matter where you look at it, it's a big holiday, even if we don't march in the streets, put up a tree in the room, or shoot fireworks into the sky. Everything is a gift for Mother's Day, even if we keep it a little quieter. A bouquet of flowers, gift packages, or just an intimate hug, basically it doesn't matter what we give, the important thing is that we think about them.                                                                                                                                                                               Anyák napi ajándékcsomag

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