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Mothers day holiday and greeting

Mothers day holiday and greeting

Commemoration of motherhood: when and how?

Mother’s Day is perhaps our holiday that touches everyone’s heart. This is true for children, moms, but also for grandparents. It has no religious or political message, it is for itself, everyone accepts it without criticism, quite simply beautiful. It follows that everyone strives to make the surprise with which we express our love and respect for mothers beautiful.

Understandably, the daily greeting of mothers dates back to quite old times, according to the first written records, it was already celebrated in ancient Greece, long before the birth of the Europe we know today. At that time, Rhea, the mother of the gods, was worshiped above all else, and then the custom of greeting mothers spread pretty slowly. Contemporary decorative motifs testify that even before our time, giving gifts was an important part of greeting mothers.

Somewhere it is to be welcomed that it was not consumer society that brought the gesture to life like so much else. Moreover, not only is this year taking place in the spirit of sending mothers ’daily gifts, but there were certainly years before when there was no other option for greeting than mailing remotely. During the ten-year Trojan War, for example, according to Heredotus, the warriors gathered once and drove a ship to a Greek home to send a gift to their mother, a gesture that also signaled to parents that they were alive and well, everything was going according to plan.

Mothers day holiday in Europe
Later, this custom came to life in Christian Europe, and in the 1600s, Mother's Day was first officially celebrated in Ireland as a holiday. The island nation has always been famous for its strong religiosity, so it’s no surprise that Mother’s Day celebrations were first held in honor of the Mother of the Savior Jesus, the Virgin Mary. The date had already fallen into the first weeks of May at that time, and was confused with the anticipation of spring and thus with other ceremonies such as the consecration of bread.

The Irish are still famous for their motherly love, so it is understandable that they have linked mothers ’celebrations to other holidays as well. Later, the whole island nation took over the beautiful custom, but we still do not mean today’s Mother’s Day greeting. Like many of our other holidays, such as Valentine's Day, it went from Europe to America, and then returned to it in a boomerang way and took root for us.

Today is Mother's Day
The holiday gained its present form after the Irish traditions mentioned above, only a good two hundred years later. According to him, in 1872, in the United States, thanks to politician Julia Ward Howe, Mother's Day was first celebrated. The lady was, perhaps not so surprisingly, one of the pioneers of feminist movements. Finally, the distinguished day was declared an official holiday by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in 1914, though the official is somewhat deceptive, as Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world at different times and slightly differently. Let's see when, how and how.

Mother's Day in the world
While we have Mother's Day on the first Sunday in May, in Norway, for example, mothers celebrate on the second Sunday in February. This beautiful custom is held in Georgia on March 3, and in Russia on the last Sunday in November, to name just a few of the possible dates.

The central figure in the celebration is the flower almost everywhere in the world, but there are exceptions. In the UK, for example, children do not greet their mothers with flowers, but with a cake they make themselves. Not with any, but with the so-called Simnel cake, which is nothing more than a light fruity cake that is coated with marzipan glaze at the end. To make things even harder, kids also need to place marzipan figures on top of the cake, namely 11 or 12 pieces. Well, it could easily be that many domestic children would be embarrassed by the task, so we can definitely welcome the tradition that has developed in the island nation.

They help elsewhere
Distant Australia is perhaps most fond of interpreting this holiday. For them, this day is about the kids doing everything for their mom and not the other way around. When Mom wakes up, she may be waiting for a ready-made breakfast, which the seedlings make, but they also cook and cook lunch and dinner. In addition, they clean the apartment, which is beautifully decorated with flowers and other lovely motifs. Undoubtedly, this is a kind gesture from so far away, though it may be that the kids who live there aren’t so enthusiastic about this day. The lazier ones definitely don't.

In Norway, the country’s NGOs are also actively involved in the celebration, selling flowers across the state. It is also a nice gesture to donate the proceeds to children, more specifically to help children who have already lost their mothers. They also try to emphasize the importance of belonging, something that no one is alone.

Mother's Day as a business
However, the good old money cannot be left out of the story this time either. Mother’s Day is unlikely to spread so fast in the world if the flower and sweets business doesn’t ride the holiday and doesn’t realize that much profit for many. In terms of revenue, Mother’s Day lags behind Women’s Day only because it is less celebrated in a corporate setting. If you like a more intimate, intimate holiday, there is less room in the corporate sphere. Although this is not the case everywhere, in the Far East, Mother's Day is also celebrated nationwide, and here we need to think not only of school recitation competitions or thematic television programs, but also of corporate greetings.

Let's face it, this is also a nice habit and it wouldn't be surprising if we had a tradition soon. Why shouldn’t a working mother deserve special attention on a certain day of the year? After all, they get the most tasks and burdens. Raising a child still presses more on their shoulders than on men, and if they also go to work, it is a very nice gesture to have this acknowledged by the employer, be it a small, medium or large company.

Mother's Day 2021
In Hungary, mothers and grandmothers have been greeted on the first Sunday in May since 1925, and since 1990, the day of children raised without a mother has also been held on the Monday following Mother's Day. Unfortunately, however, just like last year, this year we are living differently, celebrating Mother’s Day differently. Naturally, everyone wants to greet their mother in person. Because of the pandemic, however, when it comes to older moms (or anyway), love dictates exactly that we shouldn’t do this and expose them to the danger posed by the virus.

Fortunately, thanks to, we can greet our mom from anywhere, stay anywhere in the world, or be afraid of a currently risky personal meeting. We can also keep the Mother's Day greeting in the form of a gift, in which case the courier will take out the gift package, be it a bouquet of flowers or just a selection of divine gifts. What is certain is that the surprise will not be left out, as is the joy with it, as the moms know that we thought of them in this situation as well. Let's see what we can send to moms, the selection is of course completely subjective, you can decide according to your own taste, but they are also worth considering.

Top three suggested gifts for mothers daily greetings
1. If you want to give your mother a kind and intimate gift, then I recommend the Sweets Selection gift package first, because like everyone else, moms love delicacies. Lajosmizsei strawberry dark chocolate is to everyone's liking, sugar-free lollipop and peanut lavender pebbles are a creative gift for every mom, as is handmade dark chocolate with lyophilized pieces of fruit.

2. If you haven’t met your mom in a long time and want to surprise with a really elegant gift selection, choose our Mother’s Day gift basket idea. This surprise includes everything that is an eye-to-mouth stimulus. From dark chocolate blueberry specialties, to premium fruit puree syrup, to organic teas to the essence of Ostoros Amulett Rosé, you’ll find many more real rarities here. It is certain that this gift will make your mom feel special as well.

3. Of course, don't forget the bouquets, which you can also order from As with everything else, we only offer you something special from flowers. Our Greeting bouquet collects the best of the forests and fields for you and your mom. In addition to the beauty of the decorative selection, it also presents moms with the fresh scent of spring. If you’re not thinking about sweets, be sure to consider this special bouquet.

Either way, make this holiday wonderful this year as well, remember, you have the opportunity: send a gift for Mother's Day, Happy Mother's Day!

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