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Kiegészítők gomb



Kiegészítő termékek

107.67€ (84.78€ + VAT)
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Gourmet gift package contents:

Brazilian dark chocolate specialty 50g

Rooibos organic tea with acai berry and pomegranate 30g

Plum jam with gingerbread spice 120 ml

Lemon flavored sugar 120g

Handmade dark chocolate with lyophilized fruit pieces 100g

Black forest jam 120 ml

Peach jam 350g

Lavender coffee 90g

Organic spicy red fruit assorted tea 16g

Dried beregi pears 50g

Peanut and lavender dragees 90g

Blueberries coated with dark chocolate 90g

Acacia tea 40g

French tartalettes 135g

Chocolate spoons 6 pcs 54g

Premium Belgian salted careamel chocolate buttons 100g

Wooden chest 1pc

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Expected delivery: November 30, 2021
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Brazilian Dark Chocolate Specialty: This chocolate specialty, which contains 66.8% cocoa, is made from a variety of cocoa grown on a plantation in the forests of the Atlantic coast of Bahia.

Rooibos organic tea with acai berry and pomegranate: English tea from controlled organic farming, made from quality ingredients sourced directly from producers, including honey bush, pomegranate, acai berry and raspberry.

Plum jam with gingerbread spice: Plum jam with cinnamon is a divine and heavenly combination with gingerbread spices. Our new jam already evokes the winter holidays.Lemon Flavored Sugar: Provides an unforgettable flavor when flavoring tea or coffee.

Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Specialty: Hand-made chocolate sprinkled with lyophilized chunks of fruit, not only eye-catching but also heavenly delicious.

Black Forest Jam: Black Forest Jam is a real specialty. Our new jam is an excellent gift for those who like gourmet specialties.

Peach jam: Preservative and additive free Bordányi peach jam.

Lavender Coffee: This coffee blend creates a wonderful harmony with the irresistible lavender flavor.

Organic Spicy Red Fruit Tea: English tea from certified organic farming, made from quality ingredients sourced directly from producers, including hibiscus, strawberry, apple pieces, rosehips, cinnamon, cherries and raspberries.

Peanut and Lavender dragees: Special Lavender and White Chocolate Flavored Hazelnuts. Taste this candy with a special flavor combination.

Blueberries in dark chocolate: Specially packaged blueberries in dark chocolate . The packaging can be used once when consuming our coffee and tea.

Acacia flower tea: Hand-picked wood-fired dried acacia flowers.

French tartalettes with caramel and milk chocolate cream: Small caramel tarts in light butter dough. Taste a bite of French specialty. It is made in France, without preservatives and artificial colors. Only from natural ingredients.

Chocolate spoons: Special look, milk and dark chocolate spoons make winter evenings even more special.

Premium Belgian Caramel Salted Chocolate buttons: Blonde chocolate is an independent category among chocolates, and although it was made by a coincidence, the end result is a taste experience that is capable of captivating us. We also recommend its use for cookies, candies, hot and iced chocolate, toppings, chocolate fountains, granola and muesli.

This super gift package is the perfect choice for several people if you want to give a gift to the whole team at work or perhaps to a family. There are many delicacies in the gift package, from Hungarian specialties to French biscuits. Even the sight and the size of the gift package are a great pleasure, but if the celebrated or gifted person looks at the contents of the wooden chest filled with treasures, you are guaranteed to find a product in it that will win you over.