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Surgar-free Gift Box

Kiegészítők gomb



. Additional gifts.

40.14€ (31.61€ + VAT)

Contents of the gift set:

Lavender textile napkin 2pcs

Paleo walnut rosemary biscuit 80g

Handmade goat's milk soap 90g

Vegan linzer 150g

Handmade soy candle 85g

Sunflower oil with chili peppers 0.25l

Gift box with bow 

Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: May 30, 2022
Shipping fee: 3.79€

30.000 Ft szállítás


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Lavender textile napkin: 100% cotton textile napkin. Size 33 * 33 cm. Hungarian handicraft product, high quality beautiful product.

Paelo biscuit with walnuts: a handcrafted product that can be included in the Paleolithic diet. Gluten-free diary free, no preservatives and no additives.

Handmade goat's milk soap: Natural soap made from fresh goat's milk, Hydrates and cleanses the skin. The vitamins and minerals found in goat's milk strengthen the skin's defenses and provide protection against the formation of deep wrinkles.

Vegan Linzer: A reduced-carbohydrate artisan cokkie without added sugar.

Cashmere Woods natural soy candle: Handmade candle in Hungary using soy wax and premium scented oil.

Sunflower oil with chili peppers: Sunflower oil flavored with chili peppers is carefully made by adding Szeged peppers.

Gift box: The products are aesthetically placed in decorative straw so that when the bowed gift box is opened, the gift package inside it will give a stunning look.