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Making a unique gift

If you do not find the one you want, put together a unique gift basket or gift box based on your own idea. You can easily compile it online through our website in 3 steps by clicking here:

Create your own gift



-1 Choose a decorative packaging and place it to the cart

- 2 Choose products according to your idea and put them to the cart

- 3 Order products in your cart and our gift delivery service will stylishly put together your unique gift basket or gift box




If you already have a selected gift box, you can even expand it with custom accessories. You can choose photo prints, postcards, wine, biscuits, jams, candles and other delicacies to expand the gift we put together.

Why is a unique gift set better?

There could be thousands of different gift packages from our many products, but we may still not be able to find the best gift for you and your gift. With this solution, so that you can put together a unique gift basket or gift box, you can be sure that the recipient will be maximally satisfied and will have great pleasure.



Unique giftbasket Egyedi ajándékcsomag rendelés