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180.29€ (141.96€ + VAT)
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Contents of gift basket:

Book shaped gift box tea mix 60g

Apple jam with cinnamon and honey 312 ml

Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut French champagne 0.75l

Scented Soy Candle 180ml

Goose liver pate with truffle 70g

Acacia honey with truffles 100g

Wooden honey dripper

Handmade chocolate specialty 110g

Gift basket

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'Merci' Gourmet Gift Basket

180.29€ (141.96€ + VAT)
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Gift box tea: A fairy garden in a book-shaped gift box. Flavored fruit tea blend with creamy and soft pear flavors. The smell is already enchanting, and the taste is… hmm you have to taste it too!

Cinnamon and Honey Apple Jam: Jam made with little sugar. Thanks to the short cooking time, its nutritional content is not damaged.

Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut: A French champagne with centuries of history, often referred to as the drink of kings. Moët & Chandon is the world’s leading sparkling winery. Extremely pure, high quality champagne.

Handmade candle: Hand poured candle made with soya wax and premium fragrance oil.

Foie gras pate: Hungarikum without preservatives and additives. Lactose and gluten free, 70% foie gras.

Acacia honey with truffles: A truly premium acacia honey with truffles in wonderful packaging and heavenly taste.

Wooden honey dripper

Handcrafted Milk Chocolate Specialty: Carefully hand-made and lyophilized chocolate sprinkled with chunks of fruit, not only eye-catching but also heavenly delicious.

Gift basket: Wrap the basket with strong cellophane and decorate with a bow.


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27/02/2023 -
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