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154.66€ (121.78€ + VAT)

Contents of our gift basket:

Takler Trio 0,75l

Tokaji Aszú 3 puttonyos 0,5l

Szamos chocolate bars 100g

Handmade peach dark chocolate specialty 110g

Spanish orange peel with cloves and cinnamon seasoning 120g

Candle with a gift box 180ml

Class I Hungarian paprika 100g

Gluten-free cinnamon-honey biscuits 50g

Goose liver pate 70g

Premium cream honey 300g

Producers of walnut acacia honey 125g

Palotás  cherry brandy 0,1l

Premium Belgian caramel salt chocolate lozenge 100g

Hazelnut organic milk chocolate 80g

Wooden chest

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Favorites in wooden Chest

154.66€ (121.78€ + VAT)
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Tokaji Aszú 3 puttonyos: 2000 vintage, from Zoltán Tóth Winery. Tokaji Aszú is made according to a century-old recipe, aged in oak barrels. A special quality Hungarian dessert wine, which is suitable even without gastronomic addition.

Takler Trio

Szamos milk chocolate: Classic Szamos cake hidden in a chocolate bar, which perfectly restores the taste of the Szamos Dobos cake.

Handmade dark chocolate specialty: Chocolate sprinkled with carefully hand-made and lyophilized peach pieces, not only eye-catching but also heavenly delicious.

Spanish orange peel with cloves and cinnamon seasoning: Gongose ​​hand-sliced ​​Spanish orange peel with a hint of cinnamon and carnation seasoning. Domestic handicraft product.

Soy candle: Natural handmade Hungarian scented soy candle.

Peppers: Spicy Class I hot pepper meal made from 100% Hungarian ingredients, 100g. Red-national color in textiles.

Gluten-free cinnamon-honey biscuits: Does not contain artificial colors or preservatives. Biscuits without palm oil and buckwheat flour.

Goose liver pate: Preservative and additive free Hungaricum. Lactose and gluten free, compared to 70% goose leg.

Premium cream honey: Natural premium cream honey.

Producer of walnut acacia honey: A really special and good pairing is the combination of walnuts and honey. For tea, hot drinks, pancakes, waffles or just for yourself, enjoy your sweet taste.

Palotás cherry brandy: A wonderful elixir of sunlight, aroma and flavor. Palotás Pálinka is made from flawless, selected fruits grown on the edge of the Great Plain, near Cegléd, with great diligence and competence. Both cooking and bottling are done using handcrafted technology.

Premium Belgian Caramel Salt Chocolate Lozenge: Blonde chocolate is an independent category among chocolates, and although a coincidence was born, the end result is a taste experience that can captivate us. We also recommend its use for cookies, candies, hot and iced chocolate, toppings, chocolate fountains, granola and muesli.

Swiss chocolate specialty

Wooden chest: The products are aesthetically placed in decorative straw so the gift package inside it gives a stunning look. 

Our special gift basket can be a perfect choice for a birthday gift or for a doctor.


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