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Gourmet gift delivery Hungary

Sending a gourmet gift package

Gift packages can be categorized in several ways, in addition to the men’s and women’s categories, there are gift packages offered specifically for the holidays, but they can also be distinguished in terms of content, as somewhere chocolate and somewhere premium category drinks are what dominate.

Gourmet gift delivery HungaryThe rather wide assortment has been designed so that everyone can feel their weakness, ie in terms of content, you can choose a gift package that the other will be happy to enjoy, as it contains your favorites. What is important to emphasize is that each of our selections consists only of quality, premium category things to make gift sending a truly holiday for everyone.

Pamper yourself

The essence of the chocolate gift package is that it focuses primarily on handicrafts, it does not contain food or milk chocolate specialties that are not or only hardly available in stores. Of course, there are exceptions, for example, French cake plates with raspberry cream are not made in small manufactories, but the gastronomic experience is guaranteed. The point is that we have selected the best of everything. The chocolate gift package not only contains chocolate, the special honey and jam also lurks there among the decorative straws in the gift box. The chocolate gift package selection is recommended for everyone and every holiday, as we are all a bit of Dumpling Arthur, that is, we love chocolate.

Out of staggering premium

The whiskey gift package is usually ordered primarily for men, but of course it can be an equally perfect gift for ladies as well, in Hungarian for anyone who loves the special in the category. A 10-year-old Laphroaig Scotch whiskey is likely to beat the hearts of many, especially if the Gin Tonic jam specialty and fantastic chocolates are also supported by the delicacy. In addition to whiskey, of course, brandy gift packages are also available, and there are also solutions for careful drinkers, where wines play a key role. In addition to birthdays and name days, it can also be a perfect choice for anniversaries, larger gatherings of friends or Christmas.

Focusing on gourmets

Turning a bit away from drinks and chocolates, tea gift packs and honey gift packs represent a separate category, the former full of specialties that are certainly appreciated by tea lovers, while in the latter case, crafts again play a major role. We’ve selected the best from both categories, so gift packages can be great surprises for any occasion, regardless of age or gender. Although we are typically a coffee-consuming nation, we also have a wider and broader layer that prefers to vote for tea and look for the special. For us, the tea gift package is the perfect surprise, and it doesn’t really take a chance to send a gift. And honey occupies a very special place in Hungarian gastronomy, it can be found in almost every household, but the special is difficult to obtain. If you want a rarity, you can find it with us.


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