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30.37€ (23.92€ + VAT)
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Büttner dry white wine 0.75l

Petrényi Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 0,75l

Halasi Compass cuvée 0,75l

Gift box for 3 bottle wine

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Glamorous Trio

30.37€ (23.92€ + VAT)
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Dry white wine: Green aromas are replaced by fruits with yellow flesh. Its aroma is characterized by apricot and green notes, which we can later discover in its taste. The salty, mineral nature of the volcanic soil harmonizes with the original characteristics of the grape variety. In its finish, we can find a hint of exciting green pea spiciness.

Petrényi Cabernet Sauvignon: Eger Cabernet Sauvignon. Dry red wine.

Halasi Compass cuvée 0,75l


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