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Easter gift sending in Hungary

Easter gift sending in Hungary

Probably most people think happily about Easter, intimate egg painting, watering, kids ’joy when they find hidden gifts in the garden, or Easter ham, all great things. We could brighten up the holiday better than sending an Easter gift. Let's surprise each other from a distance.

Easter is the end of the fasting period. The word itself can be derived from this, that after the forty-day fast we can take meat with us for the first time. Meat and all that is good, that is delicious, that pampers us after a long deprivation. Easter gift sending is therefore a perfect fit for the holiday, as you can find everything in our premium gift packages that will pamper your body and soul perfectly. Like any holiday, Easter is about joy and not just in a religious sense, and joy means surprise, giving. There are countless folk customs associated with Easter, the best known of course being egg painting and watering, but beyond that we can safely mention the consecration of the catkins, the expulsion, or the lesser-known folk-washing of the whole people. The origin of the latter should not be explored now, but in addition to the above, gift-giving has always been part of the celebration. Sure, it used to happen in person in the past, but in today’s world, we can revive this old beautiful habit at any time by sending Easter gifts.

Where do the eggs come from
Why did the egg become one of the most important symbols of Easter? The egg is a symbol of the rebirth and fertility of life, and Easter in our folk customs also means the rebirth of nature. In addition, there is a religious interpretation that Christ broke the rock tomb at the resurrection in the same way that the unborn baby bird lays its eggshell. For sure, eggs are an essential part of this holiday, so in addition to our classic gift packages, we also made them with Easter gift packages for the special occasion. In the beautiful gift box, among the finely chopped decorative straw, we hid Easter eggs that are special in both aesthetic and gastronomic terms. Gift packages give a decent return to the Easter vibe, making it a great choice for everyone to send an Easter gift. Plus, so your egg search won’t be missed either.

Easter will be different this year
Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus epidemic, we will not be celebrating Easter in 2020 as we did in previous years. Watering is likely to be missed and family reunions will be held by only a few. Because of the curfew, there will be no young people marching on the streets and everything will lose a bit of the long-awaited joyful atmosphere. However, it is still possible to send Easter gifts, so even if you can remotely, we can give our loved ones a gift package. So the surprise doesn’t have to be left behind and the Easter Bunny can take the colored eggs to the celebrants again this year. Easter gift sending is a great alternative to still have this form of celebration so dear to everyone.

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