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48.28€ (38.02€ + VAT)
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Easter gift package contents:

Petrényi Cabernet Sauvignon 0.75l

Handmade dark chocolate specialty 100g

Almonds in a decorative box, milk chocolate in a cinnamon powder 90g

Peanut Lavender dragées 90g

Premium Belgian caramel salted chocolate pastille 100g

Milka chocolate bunny 45g

Gift box with bow and decorative straw

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Purple Easter Gift Box

48.28€ (38.02€ + VAT)
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Petrényi Cabernet Sauvignon: Egri Cabernet Sauvignon. Dry red wine.

Artisan milk chocolate speciality: Carefully handcrafted and sprinkled with pieces of freeze-dried fruit, the chocolate is not only eye-catching, but also heavenly delicious.

Almonds in decorative box: Premium quality almonds covered in chocolate, with 79% milk chocolate, rolled in cinnamon powder. It will soon become everyone's favorite.

Peanut Lavender dragées: Special lavender and white chocolate flavored hazelnuts. Try this sweet with a special flavor combination.

Premium Belgian Caramel Salted Chocolate Lozenge: Blonde chocolate is a category of its own among chocolates, and although it was created by chance, the end result is a taste experience that can captivate us. We recommend its use for cookies, bonbons, hot and iced chocolate, toppings, chocolate fountains, as well as granola and muesli.

Milka chocolate bunny: Milk chocolate bunny.

Gift box:The products are placed aesthetically in decorative straw, so that when the gift box with a bow is opened, the gift package inside presents an impressive sight.


Az ajándékcsomagokban található termékek kis mennyiségben beszerezhető kézműves termékek, készlethiány esetén a hiányzó terméket megeggyező minőségű és jellegű termékkel helyettesítjük.


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16/03/2023 -
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