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36.04€ (28.38€ + VAT)
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Christmas tea 40g

Holiday light tea in gift box 60g

Chocolate spoons 6 pcs 54g

Premium Belgian caramel salt chocolate buttons 100g

Pistachio cream coffee 90g

Gift box

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White Christmas

36.04€ (28.38€ + VAT)
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Christmas tea

Fruit tea blend: intense black currant, elderberry, hibiscus, with flavors, apple pieces.

Chocolate spoons: Special look, milk and dark chocolate spoons make winter evenings even more special.

Premium Belgian Caramel Salted Chocolate Lozenges: Blonde chocolate is an independent category among chocolates, and although a coincidence was born, the end result is a taste experience that is capable of captivating us. We also recommend its use for cookies, candies, hot and iced chocolate, toppings, chocolate fountains, as well as granola and muesli.

Pistachio Cream Coffee: This coffee blend creates a wonderful harmony with the taste of the irresistible creamy pistachio.

Gift box


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