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8.86€ (6.98€ + VAT)
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Decorative box with decorative straw and handmade bow

Instead of transparent plexiglass, it has a logoable roof with a Christmas pattern

We choose the size of the box for the products inside

The smaller box is 36 x 22 x 9 cm and the larger one is 39 x 28 x 10 cm

Recommended product quantity is 2-10 pcs

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Shipping fee: 4.14€
Nationwide delivery: December 05, 2023
Budapest delivery: next business day
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Christmas gift box - Merry - Blue

8.86€ (6.98€ + VAT)
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Put together a unique gift package based on your own idea in this box.

The employees of our gift delivery service arrange the products you have chosen in a stylish way by placing them in decorative straws.

This gift box holds 2-10 products. From larger products, e.g. of wine, please do not choose more than 2 in a box.

If the products would not fit in this gift box, our staff will contact you and recommend a gift basket, another gift box or decorative bag, in consultation with you.

Product cannot be ordered separately, only with accessories.

Recommended product quantity 2-10 pcs

Gift box informations

Create a unique gift box based on your idea

From wine please don't select more than 2 pcs

If the products do not fit in this gift box, we will contact you and offer another gift wrap

The gift box can't be ordered without products


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