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Christmas Basket

Kiegészítők gomb



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62.60€ (49.29€ + VAT)

Contents of our gift basket:

Gere Tamás Villányi Portugieser 0.75l

Book shaped gift box tea mix 60g

Christmas tea box with gift box 60g

Organic spicy red fruit assorted tea 30g

Soy candle 106ml

Premium cream honey 300g

Premium honey 28g

Cherry jam 400g

Christmas gift box with magnetic lock

Gift basket

Availability: Előrendelhető
Expected delivery: May 26, 2022
Shipping fee: 3.89€

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Egyedi fényképes ajándék Photo Print With frame 10x15cm
ajandekcsomag-kiegeszito-csokolade Handcrafted Chocolate Specialty 30g


Tamás Gere Villányi Portugieser: One of the outstanding red wines of the Gere winery. The first drop from the world of Villány reds. Kind and sincere good friend. An irresistible seduction of clean, fruity scents and velvety flavors that smuggles joy into our lives.

Gift box tea: A fairy garden in a book-shaped gift box. Flavored fruit tea blend with creamy and soft pear flavors. The smell is already enchanting, and the taste is… hmm you have to taste it too!

Christmas gift box tea blend: Christmas fruit tea. The smell is already enchanting, and the taste is… hmm you have to taste it too!

Organic Spicy Red Fruit Tea: English tea from controlled organic farming, made from quality ingredients sourced directly from producers, including hibiscus, strawberry, apple pieces, rosehips, cinnamon, cherries and raspberries.

Soy candle: Handmade natural  soy wax scented candle, made in Hunagary.

Premium cream honey: Natural premium cream honey.

Premium honey: Linden honey specialty in a beautiful bottle.

Cherry jam: Cherry jam in a gift box made of high quality cherries. Domestic product.

Christmas gift box: Stylish packaging for small gifts and jewelry