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Baby and Mum Gift Set

Kiegészítők gomb



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93.91€ (73.95€ + VAT)

The content of our baby welcome gift box:

Textile diaper 3pcs

Coolable baby chew1pc

Baby and children's bath oil 300ml

Baby and children's bath oil 370ml

Baby and child body lotion 300ml

Lavender textile napkin 2pcs

Szatmári plum jam 130g

Premium fruit puree syrup 0.5l

Cupuacu sugar shower gelscrub 200ml

Marigold face cream 50ml

Acacia tea 40g

Organic tea selection 24g

Peanut and lavender dragees 90g

Spa fit shower gel 500ml

Vintage wooden chest

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Expected delivery: May 31, 2022
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Baby waiting gift package
Textile diaper: Made of 100% tetra cotton. Patterned 3-piece diaper pack. Size: 70 * 80 cm.

Refrigerated Chew: Refrigerated chew helps help ease your baby’s teething period.

Baby and child bath oil: Recommended from 1 month of age. Gently oiles and cleanses the skin.

Baby and child bath oil: Can be used from infancy. It forms a thin protective layer on the baby's skin to protect it from dehydration.

Baby and child body care: Recommended from 1 month of age. Hydrates and protects baby's skin, reduces irritation.

Lavender textile napkin: 100% cotton textile napkin. Size 33 * 33 cm. Hungarian handicraft product, high quality beautiful product.

Satu Mare plum jam: Following tradition, Satu Mare plum jam is made without sugar, using only fruit. It tastes sweet, a little smoky.

Premium Fruit Puree Syrup: Contains a high concentration of domestically selected assorted fruits with a high content value. The taste of our grandmothers' syrup was enclosed in a bottle free of preservatives and additives. Contains natural fructose. An excellent gift for family members and colleagues. Free of preservatives and additives.

Cupuacu Sugar Shower Gel Exfoliator: An exfoliator rich in skin care ingredients and microwax. Provides a long-lasting caring effect.

Marigold Face Cream: Helps skin regenerate. It smoothes, nourishes and tightens the skin. Intensely hydrates and effectively soothes. It helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

Acacia flower tea: Hand-picked wood-fired dried acacia flowers.

Organic tea selection: Silk pyramid tea 6 times in a gift box with a bow.

Peanut Lavender Gravel: Special Lavender and White Chocolate Flavored Hazelnuts. Taste this candy with a special flavor combination.

Spa fit shower gel: General gel with micellar composition. Vegan product.

In the baby waiting gift package you will find useful products for the arrival of the baby and delicacies for the expectant mother. While the baby is resting, the expectant mother can try spa gifts with one of the delicious acacia teas or one of the organic tea selections accompanied by a little lavender gravel. Either order it at home and take it to you in person or if you are unable to greet your loved ones in person on the big day, send him or her this baby waiting package that we will deliver to any part of the country.

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