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Baby Boy Welcome Gift Hamper

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44.52€ (35.06€ + VAT)

Content of the hamper:

Textile diaper 3pcs

Coolable baby chew 1pc

Baby and children's bath oil 300ml

Baby and children's bath oil 370ml

Baby and child body lotion 300ml

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Expected delivery: May 31, 2022
Shipping fee: 3.79€

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Baby waiting gift package
Textile diaper: Made of 100% tetra cotton. Patterned 3-piece diaper pack. Size: 70 * 80 cm.
Refrigerated Chew: Refrigerated chew helps help ease your baby’s teething period.

Baby and child bath oil: Recommended from 1 month of age. Gently oiles and cleanses the skin.

Baby and child bath oil: Can be used from infancy. It forms a thin protective layer on the baby's skin to protect it from dehydration.

Baby and child body care: Recommended from 1 month of age. Hydrates and protects baby's skin, reduces irritation.

Don't know what to give your expectant mother ?! We help! A gift package that contains useful and practical products when the baby arrives. A baby waiting gift package can be a big surprise for a new little family especially if you choose to send a gift and send it to your home that you have no idea about. Give as a pleasure!

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