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Best Grandma Gift Set

Kiegészítők gomb



. Additional gifts.

45.03€ (35.46€ + VAT)

Contents of our gift compilation:

French cake with lemon cream 125g

Gluten free orange cinnamon biscuits 50g

Almond in a gift box, milk chocolate in a cinnamon powder 90g

Marzipan flavored cream coffee 90g

Handmade dark chocolate with Mama inscription 100g

I love you Mama inscription

Peanut lavender dragees 90g

Plum jam with gingerbread spice 120 ml

Handmade dark chocolate specialty 50g

Premium fruit puree syrup 0.5l

Chocolate spoons 6 pcs 54g

Gift box with bow

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Expected delivery: May 31, 2022
Shipping fee: 3.79€

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Egyedi fényképes ajándék Photo Print With frame 10x15cm
Desszert szivecske ajándékkosárhoz Szamos dessert heart


French cake plates with lemon cream: Small tartlets with lemon in light butter dough. Sample a bite of French specialty. It is made in France, without preservatives and artificial colors. Only from natural ingredients.

Gluten-free orange cinnamon biscuits: Does not contain artificial colors or preservatives.

Almond in a gift box: Chocolate-coated, premium-quality almonds with 79% milk chocolate, rolled in cinnamon powder. Soon it will be everyone's favorite.

Marzipan Flavored Cream Coffee: This coffee blend creates a wonderful harmony with the irresistible marzipan flavor.

Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Specialty: Carefully handmade chocolate with the inscription Mama, not only eye-catching but also heavenly delicious.

I love you Mama inscription

Peanut Lavender Dragees: A special hazelnut and white chocolate flavored hazelnut. Taste this sweet with a special combination of flavors.

Plum jam with gingerbread spice: Plum jam with cinnamon is a divine combination and gingerbread is a heavenly combination.

Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Specialty: Carefully handmade chocolate sprinkled with lyophilized chunks of fruit, not only eye-catching but also heavenly delicious.

Premium Fruit Puree Syrup: Contains a high concentration of domestically selected assorted fruits with a high content value. The taste of our grandmothers' syrup was bottled free of preservatives and additives. Contains natural fructose. An excellent gift for family members and colleagues. Free of preservatives and additives.

Chocolate spoons: Special look, milk and dark chocolate spoons make winter evenings even more special.

Gift box: The products are aesthetically placed in decorative straw so that when the gift box is unfolded, the gift box inside it will give a stunning look.