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A gift for Granny

Kiegészítők gomb



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32.41€ (25.52€ + VAT)

Mothers' day gift package contents:

Lavender textile napkin 2pcs

Acacia tea 40g

Szatmári plum jam 130g

Dried mádi apricots 50g

Handmade dark chocolate with the title Mama 100g

Gift box with bow 

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Expected delivery: June 28, 2022
Shipping fee: 3.72€

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Desszert szivecske ajándékkosárhoz Szamos dessert heart


Mothers day gift package
Lavender textile napkin: 100% cotton textile napkin. Size 33 * 33 cm. Hungarian handicraft product, high quality beautiful product.

Acacia flower tea: Hand-picked wood-fired acacia flower.

Szatmári plum jam: Following tradition, Szatmári plum jam is made without sugar, using only fruit. It tastes sweet, a little smoky.

Dried Mádi apricots: The Mádi peaches are heated in a wood-fired drying oven after harvesting. The hand-sorted fruit cloves are placed on willow cane baskets and dried in one day. As the mist evaporates from the fruit, the precipitated fructose coats the finished pear slices.

Gift box: The products are placed aesthetically placed in decorative straw so that when the bowed gift box is unfolded, the gift package inside it will give a stunning look.

We don’t forget grandmothers on Mother’s Day either. We made this Solid Mothers Day gift package for them. If you want to complement your content, you can choose from many craft and gourmet products that we will put in the gift package. Each of our packages comes with a greeting card that we write by hand and place in the gift package.