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52.78€ (41.56€ + VAT)
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Contents of gift basket:

Peanut lavender dragees 90g

Sicilia coffee 45g

Chocolate spoons 6 pcs 54g

Black cherry jam 284 g

 Christmas chocholate 90g

Handmade soy candle 106ml

Book shaped gift box tea mix 60g

Gift box

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Surprise for Christmas

52.78€ (41.56€ + VAT)
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Peanut Lavender Dragees: Special Lavender and White Chocolate Flavored Hazelnuts. Taste this candy with a special flavor combination.

Siciliai coffee: coffee beans in Christmas packaging.

Chocolate spoons: Special look, milk and dark chocolate spoons make winter evenings even more special.

Black cherry jam: Contains no added sugar. Thanks to the short cooking time, its nutritional content is not damaged.

Soy Candle: Natural handmade Hungarian scented soy candle.

Gift box tea: A fairy garden in a book-shaped gift box. Flavored fruit tea blend with creamy and soft pear flavors. The smell is already enchanting, and the taste is… hmm you have to taste it too!

Gift box: 23x23x23 cm. The products are placed stylishly in the decorative straw.


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