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Santa Claus Bag order online

Santa Claus Bag order online
Order your Santa Claus's bag  online - send Santa's bag nationwide. Corporate Santa Claus's bag for pre-order.

Santa had once ridden in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, and the kids were waiting for Santa - who was driving through the chimney, to bring a present - making milk and cake for the busy old man. In the modern version, busy parents come to mind at the last minute - but what about Santa? And most importantly: where and when to get the package?

Fortunately, from the Meglepeté team for years can be order online Santa's bagsYou can save yourself a lot of headaches and unnecessary lottery running by choosing this service. What’s more, these Santa's bags aren’t one-of-a-kind off-the-shelf packages, but combinations that include carefully selected hand made products.

This year's favorite Santa's bag

it bears a fancy name. Based on feedback so far, the smaller ones have enjoyed the plush cat and chocolate spoons, while the older ones have enjoyed a selection of teas and elder syrup.

If you want to surprise your children, grandchildren or the younger ones in the wider family with Santa in 2021, you should choose from our offer of gift packages. Ordering Santa's package online has never been easier: just visit our dedicated page and choose the package you like best. After payment, our Santa couriers will deliver them anywhere in the country.

The ordered Santa's packages will be delivered on December 6, as follows.

  • Order packages for the countryside by 12:00 on Friday, December 3, 2021.
  • In case of delivery to Budapest, you can place your order on Sunday, December 5, 2021 until 22:00.

A few more important pieces of information.

  • Due to lack of stock, we temporarily limit the number of gift packages you can put in the basket to 5 pieces.
  • Cash on delivery is currently unavailable.
  • We observe all health and epidemiological regulations during packaging and delivery.

Order the gift packages from Santa Claus online so that this lovely day is not about the nervousness but the joy of the children this year!

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