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Women's Day Flowers

Kiegészítők gomb



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31.50€ (24.80€ + VAT)

Contents of our gift package:

Szamos Eszterházy cake flavored chocolate 100g

Handmade goat's milk soap 90g

Plum jam with gingerbread spice 120 ml

Dried bereg pears 50g

Gingerbread decoration 8cm

Floral textile napkin 2pcs

Gift box with bow

Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: May 30, 2022
Shipping fee: 3.79€

30.000 Ft szállítás


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Egyedi fényképes ajándék Photo Print With frame 10x15cm
Desszert szivecske ajándékkosárhoz Szamos dessert heart


Szamos milk chocolate: Classic Szamos cake hidden in a chocolate bar, which perfectly restores the taste of the Szamos Eszterházy cake.

Handmade goat's milk soap: A natural soap made from fresh goat's milk. Hydrates and cleanses the skin. The vitamins and minerals found in goat's milk strengthen the skin's defenses and provide protection against the formation of deep wrinkles.

Plum jam with gingerbread spice: Plum jam with cinnamon is a divine combination and gingerbread is a heavenly combination.

Dried Bereg pears: The dried matter of Panyolium is made from fruits grown in this place with special conditions.

Handmade Gingerbread: Beautiful handmade gingerbread in tulip shape for decoration. Not suitable for consumption.

Floral textile napkin: 100% cotton textile napkin. Size 33 * 33 cm. Hungarian handicraft product, high quality beautiful product.

Gift box: The products are aesthetically placed in decorative straw so that when the bowed gift box is opened, the gift package inside it will give a stunning look.