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Online flower delivery Budapest

Online flower delivery Budapest

Send flower online! The best online flower delivery service in Budapest and Pest county, and in the hole country.

The best flower delivery services, such as, deliver flowers, bouquets and flower boxes to Budapest (and elsewhere) quickly and reliably at any time, in an air-conditioned delivery car in summer, so that the flowers always arrive in their original, fresh condition.

How to send flowers online in Budapest?

On the website of, flower delivery Budapest is infinitely easy. It's okay if you're not near a computer, as the service side is also optimized for smartphones. You need practically nothing but an internet connection and a mobile device, and you can already send flowers to and around Budapest from anywhere in the country or the world, as sending flowers is valid for the entire territory of Pest County. And I have good news: if Budapest or Pest county is not the destination, you can request flower delivery anywhere in the country.

What do I need to do to send flowers to Budapest?

The keyword flower delivery can be found in the main menu bar on If you click on it, you will find various options thematically, such as “bouquet”, “flower box” or “send basket”. If you choose a flower you like, you will see two options: “add to cart” and “details”, by clicking on the latter you can find out all about that bouquet, while the former can start the buying process right away. Staying with the “details”, if you like the product, you can put it in the cart and you can already go to the checkout. All you have to do is enter the email address, name and phone number to which you want to send the flower. This is followed by payment, here you can choose between credit card payment, bank transfer and PayPal. The whole process of reading this article is longer than doing it, as the process doesn’t take more than a minute.

On what occasion should we send flowers?

The flower delivery service operates in Budapest, the county, but also throughout the country, so you can send bouquets or a basket of flowers to the countryside from anywhere and at any time. It is important to emphasize at any time, because giving a flower to a loved one does not really require a special occasion. At the same time, on, the possibilities are also thematically put together to mention only the most important ones: such as Women's Day, Valentine's Day and, of course, Mother's Day flower delivery. Also, birthdays and name days are a great time to order flowers. And one more thing needs to be mentioned, and that is courtship, we can really send flowers to our sweetheart at any time.

Flower basket in the spirit of romance

On the website of you can choose from several options, what they have in common is quality and elegant workmanship. Flower basket a perfect choice for seniors and those who love romantic gifts. The so-called vintage style is no stranger to a flower basket either, as the range also offers solutions reminiscent of 18th and 19th century styles that reflect romantic style features in the classic sense of the word. This is how the atmosphere of old times can come to life under the auspices of the flower delivery service in Budapest.

A modern choice, choose a flower box

A flower box it is already a much more modern solution and we prefer to give it to younger ladies, of course there is no recipe for it. In any case, if you are courting someone, this is a perfect choice, and My Surprise is guaranteed to help you achieve your goal if you want to please someone in Budapest by sending flowers. I especially recommend the flower box solution to those knights who court or live remotely, or those who have been flown far apart for a while.

Bouquet of flowers always, all the time

Don't foget about classic flower bouquet nor is it a perfect choice at all times and for all occasions. also offers many options in this section. You can choose from simple yet lovely bouquets to various flower poems. If the question is how to send a bouquet of flowers quickly in Budapest, then it is definitely worth thinking about this option, as it can be a great choice for all occasions and all ages.

Potted flower for those you would enjoy for a long time

Not only does offer beautiful solutions from cut flowers, but potted flowers is you can choose from the site. This is also a great choice for online flower delivery in Budapest. The benefits may not even need to be emphasized, as a potted orchid or coral flower can be admired for a long time, so whoever received it will remember for a long time who received it.

Another useful tip for the blog post: in addition to sending flowers online to Budapest, we also send gifts, you can even combine the two!

You can see that our site offers countless solutions for sending flowers online in Budapest - order flowers for your loved ones for any occasion!

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