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30.20€ (23.78€ + VAT)

Handmade goat's milk soap (rectangular) 90g

Optional product as an accessory for gift boxes and gift baskets

Not available  with flower bouquets, only in a gift package.


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Handmade goat's milk soap

30.20€ (23.78€ + VAT)
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If you only choose accessories without packaging, we put the products in a decorative bag

Cannot be selected separately for bouquets, only in a gift package or basket


Handmade goat's milk soap: A natural soap made from fresh goat's milk with a festive scent reminiscent of Christmas. Hydrates and cleanses the skin. The vitamins and minerals found in goat's milk strengthen the skin's defenses and provide protection against the formation of deep wrinkles.

If you only choose an accessory, we put the products in a decorative bag without packaging.


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