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About us

About us

Our gift sending service launched a national online gift delivery service in 2018. We are located in Hungary, Budapest.

It is good to receive, but even better to give as the saying goes! We have created our gift sending service so that gift giving is yours, not only for special holidays, but also for everyday pleasures.

In our carefully selected gift box gift packages you will find mainly gastronomic specialties that are either made in small manufactories or have represented perfect quality for many decades. We have selected our offer from naturally produced, additive-free products to make it not only delicious but also healthy.

The secret to a successful business is to be not only employees and partners, but also friends. Our gift package compilations will bring you closer together if you choose us, you will not only give a gift, but you will also build a relationship. Why?

Because, we know what the other wants. In our gift packages you will find products that we consume on a daily basis, but differ in quality and taste from the usual.

My personal story

I loved making special gift box gifts as a child and it was a great pleasure to put a smile on her gifted face. Over the years, more and more people have asked me to make a birthday, mother’s day, or Christmas gift package for their loved ones.

A couple of years ago, a dear acquaintance of mine commissioned me to put together a corporate Christmas present for them at the end of the year, and I gladly accepted it. They were so satisfied that they continued to recommend it to others, which was very good. In the years that followed, I received more and more orders to put together gift packages for corporate events, anniversaries, team building, and Christmas. Then once came the first request to mail my gift packages to their corporate partners, even that day, including to foreign addresses. Right in the middle of making a lot of corporate Christmas gifts in December, it suddenly seemed like a big challenge, yet I cut in and sent my first gift package abroad. Hence the idea to create my gift delivery service, which delivers gift packages all over Hungary and even abroad on short deadlines, to individuals and companies alike. This is the history of the surprise gift service.

. Ajándékküldő szolgálat - meglepetesem.hu.