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What do Hungarians want on Valentine's Day?

What do Hungarians want on Valentine's Day?

After the Christmas period, there was constant economic news in the press about how much we spent on gifts that year, and which product categories were the most popular. Well, such data is now available for Valentine’s Day, thanks to Picodi’s market survey and analysis. Let's see what Valentine's Day gifts look like in Hungary.

It has always been a characteristic of Hungarians to be wary of new things first, and then, taking a Pali turn, they really like them. It is no different on Valentine's Day, until ten years ago most people shook their mouths at the celebration, and today 75 percent of Hungarians keep this famous day. As Valentine’s Day customs are quite narrow and the institutional form of the celebration has not yet developed, most of us take our sweetheart to dinner, but we arguably consider the illustrious day. Let's see how Valentine's Day gifts look like in Hungary.

Valentin-napi ajándékozás

Valentine's Day Habits: Perfume is on the run
First of all, please sit down nicely, because surveys have shown that the man with us is the more romantic soul than the woman, but at least they spend more on gifts than the weaker one does. Aside from flowers, men say the best Valentine’s Day gift idea is perfume, but a lot of people (19% of those surveyed) also buy some kind of electronic device for their loved one. Among them, the favorite, not very surprisingly, is the smartphone. It is also an interesting statistic that while 14% of men would celebrate this day in a restaurant, 15% of women would rather order food and feel at home. So these are the things we typically pay for, but what do we expect?

What does the Hungarian expect on the day, which is Valentine?
Interestingly, the two things don’t necessarily meet, which there’s nothing wrong with, since the essence of Valentine’s Day is still a surprise. 28 percent of men think they will go to dinner on Feb. 14, while 42 percent of women already think the same. Most women, more specifically 37 percent of those surveyed, think they will receive a gift as a gift, while 28 percent of men expect some kind of electronic device from their loved one. Perhaps the situation with regard to sweets is the most balanced between the two sexes, with 25 per cent of men and 24 per cent of women believing that they will receive some sweets from their mate.

Valentine's Day gift in Hungary - and what we are afraid of
Just as we can talk about the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas, we can rank the worst. Most men (33%) are terrified of the teddy bear, and let’s face it, it’s understandable somewhere, but it’s much more surprising that alcohol follows right away. This is because 24% of men do not want to receive alcohol as a gift, the third podium for unwanted gifts is underwear, followed by a flower and then jewelry. Statistics are a stubborn thing, yet it makes sense to ask, then, what is a man happy about?

Women's list for Valentine's Day

Of course, women also have negative rankings, I also say what. 34 percent of women surveyed consider money to be the worst Valentine’s Day gift idea. Understandably, not a very romantic gift, even if it can be practical at times. The second most antique can be seen, and this is the small household appliance, well, yes, a stick mixer is equal to the task, and on a romantic holiday we don’t necessarily want to think about kneading dough. However, it is already strange that 26 per cent of the women interviewed do not want to get a teddy bear, personally for some reason I thought it was a winner for the girls. Electronics are also quite far from the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas in the eyes of women, and they don’t particularly like alcohol either. This is the worst five list for women. Not even for him, the point is that flowers and perfumes make everyone’s hearts beat, but I am convinced that a sincere romantic confession can also run into Valentine’s Day.

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