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Message in the bottle for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day gift packages from times gone by

Message in the bottle

Happy Valentine's Day gift packages from times gone by

Many people mistakenly believe that Lovers Day started in America and then conquered the whole world, but this is not true, as in England, Valentine’s Day gift packages were sent to each other as early as the 15th century by couples in love. Later, emigrants also introduced the celebration of the glorious day in America as well.

For the first time in the New World, it was only a matter of sending Valentine’s Day gift packages in fashion, as in other European countries, where the celebration of Lovers Day also began to infiltrate. It was not until the 19th century that celebration with common programs became popular, which can be explained above all by the stricter morals of the age. Lovers didn’t always have as good a world as they do today, in the past, in most places until the day of the girl’s request, young people could only meet under supervision, and not even an orphaned kiss could snap between them. Therefore, it is understandable that on February 14, a Valentine’s Day gift package was sent to the other, in which the most important accessory was usually a beautifully worded love letter. Of course, there was something else in a beautifully put together Valentine’s Day gift package, a fragrant flower, a little candy, or a special fruit could by no means be missing from the surprises. Historians even believe that the sweetest fruit of the girls was grapes.

Valentine's day gift package for strangers

An interesting place is the British Isles, and we can even say that it is the land of the brave, as it was also customary for the bachelors to give Valentine’s Day gift packages to completely foreign girls on 14 February. Why? Of course, to get to know them that way. If the young girl was willing to accept a Valentine’s Day gift package on February 14, it certainly meant that she liked the young man and would love to meet her. As already mentioned, stricter morals used to prevail, so even though the girl accepted the Valentine’s Day gift package she received on Lovers Day, their attraction to each other could not unfold for another full year. After a year, however, as they say, the kiss became free. The more attentive girls, after the year was over, could also indicate that they were still interested in the direction of the young man by giving them another Valentine’s Day gift package on February 14th. If there was even a gimmick in it, he could have jumped for the young man's joy, because it meant that the girl was ready to give her innocence to the young man.

Boxes in the closet

In the old days, the Valentine's Day gift package was preserved by the girls, and even a separate closet was reserved for them in civic circles, where I gather Valentine's Day gift packages in addition to the gifts I received from my loved ones. The question rightly arises that it is okay, but for how long? For how many more years did men express their love with a Valentine’s Day gift package? There was no protocol for this until it was felt, but the harsh weather certainly didn’t go hand in hand with a harsh heart, as not infrequently two or even three dozen Valentine’s Day gift packages could have gathered in those particular closets.

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