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Information for sending flowers and gifts in Hungary

Information for sending flowers and gifts in Hungary
Frequently asked questions and answers for flower and gift sending.

If you want to send flowers and gifts at the same time, they will be delivered by two separate couriers. Flowers can be delivered weekdays and on weekends, but gift sending can be delivered only on working days. 


Flowers can be delivered nationwide also on weekends if you place your order no later than 12:00 on Friday. In this case, we will only ship the flower on the weekend, if you choose any other accessories or gifts to accompany it, we will deliver it on a business day.


Frequently asked questions and answers about sending flowers and gifts


Are flowers also shipped nationwide on weekends?

- Yes. If you place and pay for your order by 12:00 on Friday.


If I choose to send a gift in addition to sending flowers, will it be delivered nationwide over the weekend?

- The flower yes, the gift only on weekdays. (Except on Mother's Day, because then we also deliver gifts on Sundays within Budapest, but not outside Budapest)


If I choose a postcard or accessory to send flowers, will it be shipped with the flowers on the weekend?

- We ONLY deliver flowers on the weekends, that means the postcards and other accessories will be delivered the next business day. If you choose a greeting card, your message will be sent to the recipient along with the flower on the weekend, but the postcard will only be sent on a business day.


Why not? :)

- Because we send the flower from our closest partner to the recipient to keep the flower fresh, but the postcard and other gifts are in our warehouse in Budapest, which we only deliver on weekdays.


Do they also deliver flowers abroad?

- Not yet.


Do flowers and gifts look exactly like the pictures?

- The gifts look the same as on the picture. The flowers, on the other hand, may differ slightly from what is shown in the picture, but we try to keep the appearance shown in the picture as much as possible.

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