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Advent wreath online order, advent wreath price

Advent wreath online order, advent wreath price
Order an Advent wreath online. The advantage of buying an Advent wreath online on Meglepeté is the fast, nationwide delivery!

Advent is a period of waiting in the ecclesiastical sense before the coming of Jesus, and at the same time a secular preparation for the Christmas holidays. Advent covers the 4 weeks before Christmas and especially the 4 Sundays.

There are a few custom what characterizes this period. A forty-day fast, for example, is spent in the spirit of abstaining from meat, eggs, dairy products, wine, and oil, like Easter. The focus on The Nine Days brings to focus caring for the family, providing an opportunity for common prayer and deepening. The creating of the Advent wreath and calendar was originally intended to fill the Christmas celebration, and within that, the Advent period.

The Advent calendar and the Advent wreath are already a more tangible, understandable habit for a wider audience. The former is an idea that is easy to put into practice, mainly because of children, and the latter is an easy thing to do for adults.

Advent wreath-making became customary among evangelicals: 24 candles were placed on the chariot wheel adorned with evergreens, and one more candle was lit each day as Christmas approached. Except for Sunday, there were red and white candles on Sunday. The modern Advent wreath now has only 4 candles lit on Advent Sundays or the night before, and the wreath is based on a pine branch.

In the Catholic version, the colors purple and pink dominate: three candles are purple, as are church tablecloths, ornaments, or the priest’s mass robe. In the third week, the candle is pink as it symbolizes the Sunday of joy.

The meaning of candles is multifaceted, they can refer to concepts: the first symbolizes faith, the second hope, the third the joy already mentioned, and the fourth symbolizes love. But they can also refer to persons and community: then the first symbolizes Adam and Eve, the second the Jewish people, the third St. John the Baptist, and the fourth the Virgin Mary. Modernized versions no longer always deal with the symbolism of colors according to the needs of customers, but strive for a festive, sublime appearance. You can order the Advent Wreath from online with one click, but if you want to surprise someone on the occasion of Advent, we offer a seletction for this occassion.

Whether you choose an Advent wreath or an Advent gift selection, you can count on fast, nationwide delivery and secure delivery.

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