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Handmade name day gift packages

Choose photo printing, a greeting card with your own message and other accessories in addition to the gift box or gift basket to create a unique gift.​ You can specify the date of delivery when placing the order.
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Arguments in favor of sending gifts on name day

In addition to our gift ideas, you can also put together a unique gourmet name day gift. Gift boxes and gift baskets can be ordered with quick delivery for the name day or even the next day. We deliver to any settlement within the country, not just Budapest.

We have collected the most compelling reasons for sending name day gifts

  • We can't always be away for a name day celebration, but by sending a gift, you can at least express your love for the person being celebrated from a distance.

  • Our gift boxes are made from products made by domestic producers, so quality and exclusivity are guaranteed.

  • If you want to personalize your own idea for a name day gift, we give you the opportunity to design the gift box according to your own imagination (you can attach a picture and a unique message).
  • Company name day greetings are a bit more difficult during the home office - but helps colleagues to greet each other remotely.
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