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Gift Hampers for Weddings and Anniversaries

Wedding gifts, Anniversary gift hampers. Choose photo printing, a greeting card with your own message and other accessories in addition to the gift box or gift basket to create a unique gift.​ You can specify the date of delivery when placing the order.
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Sending a wedding gift

If the distance is long, send a gift to a wedding as a wedding present. You can choose a wedding gift package and a gift basket from our selection or you can even put together a completely unique gift online. Our gift delivery service can deliver the gift the next day or, if you choose pre-order, we will deliver the wedding gift on the specified day.

What should you pay attention to when sending a wedding gift?

  • ideally, there is only one "big" day: make sure you place your order in time to make sure it arrives!

  • if it is important that your surprise is included among the wedding gifts at the wedding, it is worth contacting someone from the wedding party to help with the logistics and to identify the gift (so that the young couple understands from whom they received the wedding package)

  • add a unique message or photo to the package: if there is no way to be present in person and you are sending your surprise from a distance, this makes the gesture a little more personal

  • most weddings are scheduled for summer: choose a package that does not contain products that behave problematically under the influence of heat (e.g. chocolate)

What should you pay attention to when choosing a gift for an anniversary?

  • If you would like to send a gift to your partner, make sure that they are present when the gift is delivered, so that the surprise is even more effective.
  • If you would like to surprise your parents, friends, or colleagues from afar, it is also worth adding a unique message or photo to the anniversary package to compensate for the lack of personal presence.
  • If at first you did not find a package that you were completely satisfied with, you can also choose a unique package composition, so the surprise can be 100% what you want.
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