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Shipping and payment

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Budapest: In Budapest your order will be delivered the next business day

Nationwide in Hungary: 24-48 hours. Orders placed before 12:00 on working days nationwide outside of Budapest will also be delivered on the next working day in Hungary.

So, if you order on a weekend, the gift will arrive in Budapest on Monday and in the countryside on Tuesday, unless you ask for a pre-order for another day.

Europe: It usually takes 2-5 business days to go abroad.

In summer, chocolates can melt! We take no responsibility for products that have melted during transport. You can find summer heat-resistant gift packages in this category: Summer gift packages

We deliver the gift to hospitals, clinics and nursing homes at the reception, notifying the recipient.

Home delivery fee 1,490 HUF (about 4.5 EUR) for all products, except for flowers, for all settlements within Hungary.

Gift sending fee 1,490 HUF (about 4.5 EUR) for all products, except for flowers, for all settlements within Hungary.

Flower delivery 2,990 HUF. (about 9 EUR)

Delivery abroad from HUF 5,490 HUF (about 16.5 EUR)

Our prices are in HUF or EUR and include 27% VAT.


Personal collection in Budapest is free. On the working day following the order, the XI. district Fehérvári út 65 or on the 2nd working day after ordering the VI. district Szondi utca 15. H-P from 10 am to 6 pm.

1114 Budapest, Bocskai út 21.(Entrance to Fadrusz Street)

Even that day

1067 Budapest, Szondi utca 15.

1-2 business days


Free delivery on orders over 30,000 HUF (about 85€), to 1 delivery address within Hungary, except for flowers.

We will not send the invoice with the gift package. We will send an e-invoice to the e-mail address provided when ordering. If you would like a paper invoice, please let us know when placing your order.

The indicated prices are gross prices and in EUR or HUF

Delivery time when ordering 1-10 gift packages:

Delivery time within Budapest usually takes place on the working day following the order, if you do not choose a pre-order.

Within Hungary, except in December, it is usually 1-2 working days. We deliver gifts to all settlements in Hungary. List of settlements: Send gifts nationwide

Flower delivery in Hungary is available in all cities in Hungary, except in very small remote villages

Every business day at 12:00 there is an order summary and then a parcel delivery.

If you place your order after 12:00, we will only hand it over to the courier service the next day.

For more gift box, see below.

Shipping cost:

We mainly use the GLS courier service to send our packages.

Occasionally, we also use other courier services (MPL, DPD, DHL, Fáma, CityExpress or Sprinter courier service).

Home delivery fee in Hungary with GLS, MPL, DPD, DHL, Fáma, CityExpress or Sprinter courier service: 1490 HUF / package.

Flower delivery with flower courier is available nationwide 2990 HUF / package.

The package may also consist of a flower, a gift package, a gift basket and a combination thereof.

In case you order both flowers and gifts, both will be delivered separately by courier at different times, but same day.


Gift delivery in Hungary:

Delivery to PickPackPontra within Hungary: 1490 HUF / package

Delivery to GLS package point within Hungary: 1490 HUF / package

Delivery to MPL PosaPontra within Hungary: 1490 HUF / package


If you have ordered more than one gift package for 1 delivery address, it counts as 1 package.

If you enter more than one shipping address, we will calculate the shipping fee per shipping address in one order.

Cash on delivery: Cash on delivery fee 690 HUF, available periodically.

If the customer does not receive the package with cash on delivery, the service provider will invoice the delivery fee of the sent package.

If you provided an incorrect delivery address when ordering and the courier service was unable to deliver the package, we cannot accept any liability. We cannot refund the price of the package or the delivery fee. Please make sure you fill in the correct address.


Shipping abroad:

.   Nemzetközi ajándékküldés külföldre  .


We only deliver to addresses within the European Union, to the following countries:

Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia

Poland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria,

Denmark, France, Italy, Ireland (No longer shipped to the UK)

We only send prepaid packages abroad, cash on delivery is not possible. In case of unsuccessful delivery, e.g. if the recipient does not accept the package or an incorrect address is provided, we will not be able to refund the shipping fee.

Delivery time to abroad, usually 3-5 working days after placing an order, maximum 14 working days.

You can find out more about the shipping costs of foreign parcels below. Prices are valid for a package sent to 1 address. For multiple titles, each title is a new item.

GLS courier prices:

The shipping fee is calculated automatically by country based on the weight of the products in the basket.


By country. General delivery time in brackets (working day).

Slovakia (2), Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia (3)
Poland, Germany (3), Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria (3)
Denmark, France, Italy (3), Ireland (5) We no longer ship to the UK


Weight (kg)

  1. Zone
  1. Zone
  1. Zone

0.1-5 kg

5490 Ft

7990 Ft

10490 Ft

5.1-15 kg

6490 Ft

8990 Ft

11490 Ft



A gift package usually weighs 1-5 kg ​​and gift baskets weigh 6-9 kg. We put a maximum of 15 kg in a parcel cardboard box. If the system detects a weight of more than 15 kg, you will not be able to place your order abroad, in which case you will need to place 2 separate orders.


Delivery time within Hungary:

We work with our own stock, so we can serve smaller orders quickly, for larger orders, the preparation of gift packages is sometimes ready for the next day, but it can take several days.

When ordering 1-10 gift packages:

Delivery time within Budapest usually takes place on the working day following the order, if you do not choose a pre-order.

Delivery time within Hungary is usually 1-2 working days, maximum 5 working days.

When ordering 10-30 gift packages: 2-5 working days, maximum 7 working days.

When ordering 30-50 gift packages: 3-6 working days, maximum 9 working days.

When ordering 50-100 gift packages: 3-7 working days, maximum 14 working days.

For more than 100 gift packages, please inquire by phone or e-mail.

If you have individual needs e.g. you want to ask for your own products in the gift packages or ask for logos and engraving, so for reasons beyond our control, the preparation and delivery of the gift packages can take up to several weeks. When ordering, please inquire.

If we are unable to meet the delivery deadline, we will notify you.

Delivery time to another European Union country:

Delivery time for 1 package is usually 3-5 working days, maximum 14 days. If we are unable to meet the delivery deadline, we will notify you.

The courier service will try to deliver twice, the cost of returning unpacked packages will be charged to the customer!

If there is an error or defect in the products or prices in the webshop, we reserve the right to make corrections. In this case, we will inform the customer of the new data immediately after recognizing or modifying the error. The user can then confirm the order once more or withdraw from the contract.

The final amount to be paid includes all costs based on the order summary and confirmation letter. The invoice (and, if included with the product, the warranty card) is included in the package. The user is obliged to inspect the package before the courier upon delivery, and in case of any damage to products or packaging, he is obliged to request a report, in case of damage, he is not obliged to accept the package. Subsequent complaints without minutes will not be accepted by the Service Provider! Packages are delivered on working days between 8 am and 5 pm.

After entering the data, the User can send his order by clicking on the "order" button, but before that he can check the entered data again, send a comment about his order or inform us by e-mail about his other wishes related to the order.

By placing an order, the user acknowledges that his payment obligation arises.

Correction of data entry errors: Before completing the ordering process, the user can always return to the previous phase, where he can correct the data entered. In detail: During the order it is possible to view or modify the contents of the basket, if the basket does not contain the quantity to be ordered, the user can enter the number of the quantity to be ordered in the data entry field in the quantity column ”Button. If the User wishes to delete the products in the cart, he / she clicks on the "X" "delete" button. During the order, the User has the possibility to correct / delete the entered data continuously.

The user will receive a confirmation e-mail after the order has been sent. If this confirmation is not received by the User within the expected time limit, depending on the nature of the service, but no later than within 48 hours from the sending of the User's order, the User is released from the obligation to make an offer or a contractual obligation. The order and its confirmation shall be deemed to have been received by the Service Provider or the User when it becomes available to him. The Service Provider excludes its responsibility for the confirmation if the confirmation does not arrive on time because the User provided an incorrect e-mail address during registration or is unable to receive a message due to the saturation of the storage space belonging to his account.

The user acknowledges that the confirmation discussed in the previous point is only an automatic confirmation, it does not create the contract. The contract is created when the Service Provider notifies the User in another e-mail after the automatic confirmation mentioned in the previous point about the details of the order and its expected fulfillment.


Payment methods

With an online bank card: The User has the option to pay the total value of the order online with a bank card through the secure payment system of the financial service provider used by the Service Provider.

With PayPal payment: The User has the option to pay the total value of the order online using the paypal payment method through the secure payment system of the financial service provider used by the Service Provider.

Payment by cash on delivery: If the ordered product is delivered by courier service, it is possible for the User to pay the final amount of the order to the courier in cash or in case of GLS home delivery by credit card upon receipt of the ordered product (s). It is not always possible to pay by credit card at parcel points. When ordered in a parcel machine, you can only pay by credit card.

By bank transfer: The user is obliged to transfer the value of the ordered products to the bank account in the confirmation e-mail within 3 days. After crediting the amount to the service provider's bank account, the User is entitled to receive the product (s) in the manner specified by him.

We will send an invoice for your order to the e-mail address provided, which contains the information required for the transfer. When making a reference, please enter the order number in the notification field. After payment, we will start processing your order. If the invoice is not received within 24 hours of ordering, please contact us at info@meglepetesem.hu


Data for bank transfer:

(HUF) Forint

Name: Fadrusz Kincse Kft.

Bank account number: 10700536-71107781-51100005


(EUR) Euro

Name: Fadrusz Kincse Kft

IBAN: BE69 9671 9664 9678



Flowers and bouquets can only be paid by credit card and PayPal online payment.