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Compilation of a unique gift package is easy

Kovács Viktor
27/09/2023 10:57:01 AM
Compilation of a unique gift package is easy

Put together a gift package yourself, your completely unique surprise will impress the recipient!

Gift sending services work as a bridgew bridge between long distances when we want to surprise someone with a nice gift, but we cannot be present at the greeting in person. stands out from other service providers with the fact that, with the experience of tens of thousands of orders behind us, we know exactly what kind of gift to offer to the person or persons being celebrated, be it a name day, birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion.

We refine our gift packages every year in accordance with current trends - so our visitors can always choose from hundreds of modern and high-quality gift packages.

The magic of uniqueness: when pre-made is good, but no longer enough

Of course, there are times when the pre-made packages are not suitable - either because of the occasion or the recipient. These are cases when we want to give something completely unique from the bottom of our hearts that truly expresses our feelings.

Now we present our unique gift package compilation page, where you determine every little detail. Start with the packaging, choose the gift, add accessories, a personal message and even a photo. Everything is in your hands here - and the result will be impressive!


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Gift categories for creating a unique package

After clicking, you should proceed in the following order - you can choose from all gift categories, or you can choose only some of them.

  • Gift wrapping: here you can define the type of gift you want to send; you can also choose from boxes, baskets and boxes of different colors, shapes and decorated with bows.

    The square boxes with bows suit almost every occasion and person.

    Baskets with different patterned linings have a greater capacity to give them a more serious look. They also fit well with more prestigious corporate gifts or larger family gifts, including wooden gift boxes.

    Heart, round and square boxes, which are completed with a beautiful pattern, bow or string, represent a new generation of packaging.

  • Sweets: the real staple of gifts. The good thing about them is that they suit perfectly everyone and every holiday. We have designed our offer in such a way that, in addition to the more well-known quality sweets, fans of specifically handcrafted, uniquely flavored chocolates can also find something for themselves.
  • Drinks: drinks are another staple of gift packages. Most of the non-alcoholic drinks are syrups and fruit juices, and within the alcoholic category you can find almost everything from wines and champagnes to liqueurs to brandy and whiskey. Attention! Different drinks are suitable for every occasion and for every person, it is worth thinking about what we are celebrating and who is the giftee.

  • Chillies, sauces, spices: one of the most popular additional gift types in recent years. They go particularly well with gourmet selections.

  • Jams, honeys, pates: the jams, honeys, creams, pâtés found here are unique products of small family manufactories without exception. If, say, you just want to spice up a bottle of wine with a single additional accessory, then it's worth looking here





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  • Teas and coffees: these stimulating drinks can impress their consumers with their aroma and taste. Many people also love teas and coffees because of their ceremonial preparation and consumption.
    Christmas products: this holiday has a separate section, because so many people put together a unique package for this occasion during the season.

  • Postcards: write your unique message, which we will write on a beautiful postcard, so you can make your composition even more special.
    Cosmetics: a gift category specifically for women, sweets, teas and coffees also look good in addition to these products.
    Home decoration: also a category aimed mainly at ladies, but in addition to candles, lamps and candlesticks, here you also get an elegant wine opener set.
    For children: little people are the happiest when it comes to gifts. The dear visitor will find baby products and stuffed animals here, which can best be combined with Sweets.
  • "Free from" products: nowadays, many people suffer from various food allergies, and this makes the job of the gift giver very difficult, because if you are not careful enough, a product may be included in the package that can be a particularly unpleasant surprise for the recipient. To avoid such cases, it is worth browsing this section.
    The best part is that there are no limits. You can put together a gift package or gift basket that exactly reflects your idea. We realize your ideas down to the smallest detail.

Whatever your dream, we're here
And if you still feel that something is missing, feel free to contact us using the form, phone or email. Our goal is to help you dream up and create the perfect gift. Because giving a gift is also a feeling - and we want to pass on this feeling of surprise to the fullest extent.

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